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Thursday, June 20, 2024
advantage gambling

Ultimate Guide to Advantage Gambling in Casinos

Advantage play is a term used in the gambling industry to describe someone who tries to exploit a dealer’s or a casino’s flaws. On the other hand, advantage gambling refers to a multitude of strategies that allow you to improve your odds. Instead of giving the house a mathematical advantage, an advantage gambler ensures that he has it.

With advantage play, advantage gamblers take advantage of the poor game protection protocols as well as the dealer’s carelessness. He also ensures that his knowledge can assist in shifting a game’s chances from a house edge to his edge.

Importance of Advantage Gambling

Did you know that majority of gamblers never learn how to gain an advantage in gambling?

Yes, they don’t. Instead, they give the casino, gambling hall, or asian sportsbook additional money every time they gamble. Even if they get lucky and win some, they just give their winnings back or lose more money the next time they gamble.

What they don’t know is that there are legal ways to gain an advantage over the casino. Although some of them are aware of advantage gambling, yet, they are too lazy to put an effort.

Not yet an advantage gambler?

We’ve got some excellent news for you. Well, you can learn how to play and gamble with a long-term advantage. In addition, we are here to guide you on how to do it.

What is advantage gambling?
What is advantage gambling?

Although it will not be simple to learn advantage gambling, it will not be impossible. All you have to do is commit some time to a continuous effort and know what you need to improve on. Anyone can learn to gamble for a profit, and here’s how to get started.

Here are some examples of how you can use advantage gambling to improve your odds. These aren’t deceptive techniques. Cheating is against the law and will lead to your arrest. These are methods for making the most of the information that has been offered to you.

Advantage Gambling #1: Blackjack’s Card Counting

When it comes to advantage gambling, card counting is one of the most popular types. Here, the players are exploiting information provided to them to their advantage. This information came from the card history during play. By altering their bets based on this information, they can gain an advantage over the house.

Some think that card counting is hard to learn. Truth is, card counting is a simple skill to pick up. You just need to learn the basic principle behind this trick. As the dealer deals the card, you are keeping track of how many low cards (2-6), middle cards (7-9), or high cards (10-A) have been used up.

  • Low cards are the cards that can help you when used.
  • High cards are the ones that can hurt your chances when used.
  • Middle cards are the cards that do not affect your betting.

Is card counting illegal?

Card counting is legal in every casino, even though the casino does not approve it. If they discovered that you are counting cards, you will almost certainly be ordered to leave.

Alternatively, the casino may use a few strategies to stop you from card counting if they did not ask you to leave. For example, they can ask you to “flat bet”. Flat betting means you have to wager the same amount on every hand throughout the shoe. Moreover, if you increase your bet, they may shuffle the cards. They may lessen the game’s betting spread, too.

Let’s say, what used to be a $25-$500 game may be lowered to a $25-$100 game.

Advantage Players At Casino #2: Hole Carding

Hole carding occurs when the casino dealer shows cards from the bottom of a pack of cards or single cards as they exit the shuffling machine. It is a strategy that you can use in a variety of Poker-based games like:

  • Three Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Heads Up Holdem
  • Crazy Poker and more

The dealer removes the cards from the shuffler, then distributes them to the players and dealer. During this time, the dealer may lift the cards too high off the table. As a result, he is revealing the bottom card of the three-card pack.

Is hole carding possible in a live dealer casino?
Is hole carding possible in a live dealer casino?

If the dealer reveals their bottom card for each round, the house advantage on Ante/Play bets rises. It goes up to 3.5 percent (in the player’s favor) from 3.4 percent (in favor of the house).

With advantage gambling, knowing the entire card has a significant impact on the best play. Q64 or higher should be played without any prior knowledge of the cards. On the other hand, you should fold on Q63 or lower.

With hole carding, the play bet should always be placed when the hole card is a 2-J. So, if the hole card is a Q, then you should play a Q92 or higher. In addition, you should play K92 or better when the hole card is a K. If the hole card is an Ace, you should play the A92 or better.

Hole carding is a fairly simple method to master. So, if a certain dealer reveals the hole card for each hand, you will have a 3.5 percent edge during that time.

Advantage Play #3: Edge Sorting

Edge sorting is a little more difficult than Hole Carding because it does not rely solely on the information provided to you. Here, you are taking advantage of the flaws of card productions. Then, turn the cards you handle based on whether they’re beneficial to you or not.

As you notice, many casino card manufacturers use non-symmetrical graphics on the backs of their cards. Some decks of playing cards feature small changes on the backs. These distinctions can be detected and used to determine whether a face-down card is high (an Ace or 10) or low (anything else).

Advantage Gambling: Is edge-sorting illegal?

One of the most common concerns about advantage gambling is whether they are illegal or dishonest. And it looks like the “edge-sorting” technique was illegitimate. A UK High Court found Phil Ivey to be a cheater. The court declared that the casino did not have to pay out his winnings.

Advantage Gambling: How edge-sorting works?

Although not all decks of cards allow for edge-sorting, many do and it depends on the manufacturer. Such distinctions are usually subtle and require some effort and expertise to detect.

For example, the backs of most playing cards are all the same. However, if you will look closer, you will notice that the edges on the long sides of each card are frequently varied from one side to the next.

Therefore, if you know that the majority of the high cards are orientated one way and the low cards are oriented another, then you can adjust your judgments to gain an advantage.

Edge sorters can get an edge by being superstitious. He can request that the dealer rotate the high cards to offer him luck. Since dealers aren’t usually superstitious and work for tips, they will generally fulfill these requests.

You’ll eventually have a deck with the edges of the high cards facing one direction and the edges of the low cards facing the opposite direction. Various shuffling approaches can influence the house’s advantage. When the deck is washed, the cards are shuffled in such a way that they change how they’ve been rotated.

A proper shuffle includes turning half of the cards before shuffling. So, if the casino does not execute a proper shuffle after each hand, a player might turn all of the face cards one way and all of the non-facing cards the other. It will take some time to go through the full deck. But once done, the player will have a rough idea of the dealer cards’ value.

Advantage Gambling: Ultimate Holdem House Edge

A player of the game like Three Card Poker may know one, two, or all three of the dealer’s cards. The player in Ultimate Texas Hold’em can tell if one or both of the dealer’s cards are face cards. Knowing the dealer’s cards can provide a player a significant advantage in these and other games.

Of course, casinos with well-trained dealers on advantage gambling strategies will refuse to satisfy these player requests.

Casino Advantage By Game #4: Information Sharing

How information sharing works in advantage play?
How information sharing works in advantage play?

In almost all table games, sharing information is illegal by the regulations. However, many casinos are lenient in enforcing this prohibition. Friends who are having fun together typically look around or openly share what they have with others at the table. Because it is so widespread these days, someone can take advantage of the absence of casino game protection. They can easily blend in with the throng and go unnoticed.

Sharing information in games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em can provide a player a 2.5% house edge. You can accomplish this Ultimate Texas Holdem house edge by sitting in the middle of the table. Then, look at all of the other players’ two-card hands dealt with them. In addition, they can also gain information by some type of signaling from other players participating in the game.

Advantage Play: How do they do it?

A player who is placing very large bets can be signaled by all other players who are placing the minimum bets. However, can you do advantage gambling at Live Casino in Singapore?

For example, you receive information that a player dealt with a Q 8, this advantage gambling technique could work. Q 8 is always a 4x rise in the absence of shared information. There’s a good probability you’ll get Q on the board. Moreover, there’s also a chance you’ll draw to a straight.

What if the other five players at the table signaled their cards, which included two Qs, some 10s, and some Js?

Therefore, the chances of getting a straight or hitting a Q on the board significantly decreased. With such understanding, you should never place a 4x wager. A dealt hand like J 7, on the other hand, is never a 4x bet before the flop. However, if all players’ signals and every card in a player’s hand are less than 7, the chances of a straight, three of a kind, or greater are greatly boosted. This would be a great time to bet 4x.

How to outsmart the casino and gain an advantage?

After reading this post, you are now aware that some gamblers can and do gain an advantage over the casino. This is something that all professional gamblers who aren’t CHEATERS do regularly. Rather, they are popularly known as advantage gamblers.

Some games and hobbies lend themselves to gambling strategy, while others do not. In today’s gaming environment, the usefulness of some game methods is debatable.

First, let’s look at a Roulette example, as we’ve already discussed:

Trusted Singapore online casinos used to keep their Roulette wheels for a long period before replacing them. They also purchased these wheels from vendors that may not have had the tightest quality control requirements in place.

You could get an advantage over the casino if you could find a Roulette wheel with a flaw. Because it allowed some numbers to appear more frequently than they should. To accomplish so, you’d have to track a significant number of wheel spins to determine the difference.

How can you outsmart the casino and gain some advantage?
How can you outsmart a trusted online casino Singapore and gain some advantage?

Here’s how the math may work in that case:

You might have a 1/38 chance of hitting a single number that you wager on a normal Roulette wheel. The payback on that bet is 35 to 1, so it’s easy to see how the house has an advantage.

But say you discover a pattern of numbers that appear more frequently. Let’s say you come across a Roulette wheel on which a specific number appears 1/34 of the time rather than 1/38 of the time.

What would that mean for the expected value of your stake?

For simplicity, let’s assume a $100 bet size.

You have a 1/34 chance of earning $3500, resulting in a positive expected value of $102.94. Moreover, you also have a 33/34 chance of losing $3400, resulting in a negative expected value of $97.06.

On average, that’s $5.88 in predicted positive value for every spin, which is a significant advantage over the Singapore online casino.

The problem with this method, known as the tilted wheel strategy, is that modern online casinos in Singapore go to great lengths to ensure that their equipment is in good working order. Thus, Roulette wheels are relocated and replaced regularly.

You might not be playing against the same wheel the next day, even if you timed a wheel long enough to be theoretically confident that you had an advantage.

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