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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Blackjack: How does counting cards work?

Blackjack: How does counting cards work?

Do you want to play Blackjack at an online casino in Singapore? Well, if you have already made up your mind that this game will change your luck, then you are on the right track. Because this Singapore online casino table game has the lowest house advantage. If you already know the basic Blackjack strategy, you can easily stand and double down without hesitation. By doing so, you can enjoy the house edge as low as 0.5%. However, if you are curious to bring the house down, then card counting is needed. But, how does counting cards work? How does it give you a 1% advantage over the casino? Read on to find out all about it.

Card counting: What it is and how does it work?

Card counting is exactly what its name implies, you are counting cards in a Blackjack game.

Well, what does it mean to count cards?

Counting cards refers to paying attention to every card you are dealing with, the other players, and of course the dealer. By knowing which cards have passed will give you a better idea of which cards are more likely to come up next. It also helps you in deciding whether to increase or decrease your stake respectively when.

How does counting cards work?
How does counting cards work?

What is the history of card counting?

Former MIT mathematics professor Edward O. Thorp is widely credited with inventing the modern card counting system. Thorp used early computers to do massive amounts of blackjack calculations. He discovered that eliminating a single two from a deck of cards gives the perfect basic strategy player a positive expectation.

From there, he developed a strategy and tested it in Las Vegas casinos. Then, he wrote “Beat the Dealer” which became a best-selling book. After winning too much money with his techniques, he was eventually barred. However, this does not stop him, he still returned to the casino in several disguises.

After we define what counting cards is, we’ll proceed on the following topic:

  • Prerequisites for making it into counting cards
  • The actual process
  • Different types of counting strategies

How does counting cards work and does everyone can do it?

You do not need to be a math genius to count cards, contrary to common belief. Also, you do not even have to be good at mathematics.

Anyone with a desire to learn and a willingness to practice can master the counting card technique. Beginners have a considerable advantage to learn card counting. Here is the reason why:

But before we look into those techniques and strategies, let’s learn the process first. In the meantime, you can try your Blackjack strategies at the best live casino in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of Blackjack games. You can also play Live Dealer Blackjack online.

Counting Cards For Dummies: The Counting Process and Card Values

Hi-Lo counting is the most basic method for counting cards. Here, you are categorizing all cards into three classes. Then, you need to assign a positive, negative, or neutral value to each one. For low cards like 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, they are worth +1 point. Because these low cards make the deck more favorable to the player when you remove them. Since cards like 7, 8, and 9 do not affect the odds, they are worth 0 points. Finally, the high cards 10, J, Q, K, and Ace will have a -1 value. Because removing them from the deck makes the deck less favorable to the player. Besides, these high cards provide the house an edge.

That’s all there is to it if you want to know how does counting cards work while playing at Singapore online casino.

You must keep track of your running count by marking each card and adding or subtracting from the count. When your count is positive, then you can increase your wager. However, if the count is negative, then you need to decrease your bet.

Card Counting 101: Keep a Running Count

Calculate the sum of the allocated values as cards are dealt with throughout the game. Take a look at the hands below as an example:

The dealer has a 5 (+1) and 6 (+1).

Player 1 has a pair of Ace. Therefore, your assigned value will be Ace (-1) and Ace (-1).

Player 2 has a King (-1) and 9 (0).

Therefore, the count or sum of the above values will be equal to -1.

You may notice the Running Count getting heavily negative or positive as the game goes and we add each hand’s worth to it. When the Running Count is negative, it means there are more low-value items. It also means there are more unfavorable cards to be dealing with. A positive Running Count indicates that there are more high-value cards to be dealt with.

The card values and counting process are only applicable to single-deck games. However, if the game uses more than one deck of cards, the Running Count will be insufficient. Whereas if the game uses two or more decks of cards, it will be harder to predict which cards will appear in the deck.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to perform some additional computations to determine the so-called True Count.

How Does Counting Cards Work: Calculating The True Count

The True Count is the Running Count multiplied by the number of decks left in the Blackjack shoe. If only one of the six decks has been dealt from the shoe, a high Running Count indicates nothing. Because it only reflects a limited sample size of the overall card pool.

To get the True Count at any given time, you need to divide the Running Count by the number of remaining decks. For instance, if the Running Count is +8 and there are four decks left. You need to divide 8 by 4. Then, your True Count will be +2. Notably, don’t stress about not getting a precise number. If the result is +1.75, then you simply need to round it up to 2 to keep things simple.

You may use this information to gamble in an online casino in Singapore to your advantage when you use excellent basic strategy and card counting. That’s how card counters make money in Blackjack casinos! The accurate count will also tell you when it’s time to adjust your plan. These are referred to as “playing deviations”. In addition, online Singapore players have access to free card counting charts or Blackjack cheat sheets.

As The True Count Increases, Adjust Your Stakes.

Can everyone perform card counting?
Can every one perform card counting?

To begin, you must establish your betting unit, this is determined by your total bankroll. The size of a betting unit concerning a bankroll is important to ensure that you won’t run out of money. A 1:400 betting unit to bankroll ratio gives you a 40% risk of running out of money, assuming faultless performance. At a ratio of 1:1000, the risk of damage drops to 1%.

When evaluating a betting strategy, keep in mind that counting is only useful over time. Therefore, it requires hours of grinding at the Blackjack table. A True Count of +10 (let’s say the table is hot) is merely a 4.5 percent advantage for the player. Thereby, throwing the house on the next hand is pointless.

There are many ways for adjusting bet sizes based on the True Count. Well, a good starting point is to stake your betting unit multiplied by the True Count plus one. If your betting unit is $10 and the True Count is +3, your wager is $10 * (1+3) = $40. Thus, you can wager one unit when the true count is negative or zero.

What are the different types of card-counting strategies and how does it work?

There are various types of strategies in card counting and each with a varied rate of success and difficulty.

Naturally, there are counting systems that will improve your success rate. However, they are more difficult and will take months to master. The Hi-Lo method is by far the most suited. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic success-to-difficulty ratio. If it was good enough for the MIT team, then it should be good enough for you, too.

How can you enhance your card-counting technique?

Are you ready to put your card-counting talents to the test?


But first, have a look at the checklist below to make sure you are fully prepared. Furthermore, you may always begin playing with top online casinos in Singapore, until you have perfected your Blackjack strategy.

Have you memorized the Basic Blackjack Strategy?

There’s no way around that, and understanding “most of it”, just simply won’t work in card counting. You’ll need to memorize basic Blackjack strategy and believe it even while you’re losing. Because losing will still happen from time to time.

Have you memorized the card value points by heart?

Once you’ve decided on a card-counting strategy like the Hi-Lo method, you need to commit to it. Furthermore, you need to make sure you understand the value assigned to each card. That means you should be thinking -1 even before identifying a card as the Queen of Diamonds.

Did you practice card counting many times?

Taking a look at the basic strategy chart and watching some card counting videos is a step forward from relying on luck to make the right decision. However, it won’t increase your advantage against the casino significantly.

Instead, you should practice alone with a deck of cards until you reach 0. In addition, you can also practice with a partner at increasing speeds. Alternatively, you can hone your skills while playing at the top online live casino in Singapore.

Can you count cards easily and quickly in any environment?

You may have a wonderful eye for detail when you’re alone at home with all distractions turned off. However, can you pay attention and continue card counting while buying a casino drink?

What does it mean to count cards?
What does it mean to count cards?

Can you keep paying attention to other player’s cards when the casino is crowded?

Consider this: Singapore online casinos will not make it simple for you to count cards. On the contrary, they will actively discourage you from doing so.

Do you have a stable bankroll to perfecting your skills?

Keep in mind that you will need to be willing to put money in while honing your card counting skills. It won’t be like in the movies, where someone stakes their last $100 and walks away with a fortune after a few hours. Because in reality, you will have to put in some time as well.

Remember that both basic strategy and card counting take time to master. Although money may be an issue for you, you need to practice and invest money and time to master card counting. Also, you will always have hands that lose no matter what you do.

How Does Counting Cards Work FAQs:

In blackjack, how does counting cards work?

Card counting can be done in various ways. Some strategies are simple, while others are more difficult. Yet, they all require extensive planning, knowledge, skills, and concentration. Furthermore, you must not reveal that you are counting cards. Because card counting is illegal in a casino. Thus, it can be used as a ground to kick you out of any casino.

How does counting cards work and how to do it?

You can begin with a simple and easy method like keeping track of the cards that come out. If it’s a low one, you’ll need to extract it. However, if it is a high-value card, you’ll need to add one. By doing so, you will have a good idea of what to expect from the deck at any given time.

How do you learn to count cards in Blackjack?

Counting cards is a very difficult task. If you want to try some of the simple methods, all you need is a little practice. However, if you wish to use advanced card counting techniques, then you’ll need several TALENTS. This includes concentration, patience, observation skills, math competency, and the ability to avoid getting caught.