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Friday, June 21, 2024

Roulette Online

Roulette Online Singapore

For many centuries, Roulette stands out as the most popular wheel-spinning game in land-based casinos. Now it remains one of the highly sought-after choices in Singapore online casinos because there is something unique about playing this game compared to others. No other table game injects such an incredible dose of adrenaline that roulette offers. Whether you’re seeking entertainment or you’re hoping to win big prizes, the roulette online casino in Singapore can offer you both.

The Basics Of Online Roulette

Like most casino games, online roulette is all about chances. Despite that, there are also many ways for you to win since the table offers you many betting options. You can place bets on red or black numbers, odds or even, and many others. Here’s how the game works out:

With Roulette Casino Online, you can either play on your own or join a multiplayer game. The game will start after all the players finish placing bets. Once you’ve finished placing your bets, the live casino dealer will start spinning the wheel and straw the ball against it. Then, all you have to do is wait for the ball to stop and land on the pocket. When your prediction is right, and the ball lands on the pocket you bet on, you win. That’s it – see it was so easy to learn how to play roulette. And everyone’s got an equal shot at winning, but of course, some roulette bets carry more weight than others.

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Different Types Of Roulette Bets

Outside Bets

This type of roulette bet covers much larger bets on the table while the payouts are typically smaller compared to others. Despite this, many Singaporean casino player still prepares the inside bets because the chances of winning are much higher here.

  • High or Low Bet
  • Red or Black Bet
  • Odd or Even Bet
  • Dozen Bet
  • Column Bet
  • Snake Bet

Inside Bets

These roulette bets are often placed on the center part of the table and usually involve individual numbers or certain combinations of numbers. Unlike the outside bets, the inside bets are much riskier, but they can give you huge payouts.

  • Straight/Single
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner/Square
  • Six Lines/Double Street
  • Trio
  • First Four
  • Basket

Popular Type Of Live Casino Roulette

American Roulette

If you want something more exciting, playing American Roulette can give you that. With its diverse range of betting options, this live casino game at WClub offers you an enjoyable betting experience as it features 38 pockets, including numbers 1 through 36, 0, and 00. In this version, the highest payout is 35:1 while the house edge goes up to 5.25% because of the addition of double zero.

European Roulette

This type of Roulette Online represents the classic version of the game. So, if you enjoy the traditional version, you may want to check out the live dealer version of European Roulette at WClub. The wheel features 37 pockets, with numbers 1-36 in red and black, and 0 for green. Since it offers a 2.7% low house edge, it attracts many players of WClub.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This type is somehow similar to the European version but comes with a twist. Here, players can spin up to 8 roulette wheels simultaneously. As a result, you have more chances to win across multiple wheels all at the same time.

Lightning Roulette

If you want to level up the excitement that traditional European Roulette offers, you may want to check out Lightning Roulette. This game offers you a max payout of 30 times your bet and an exciting random bonus payout. Before the game starts, specific lucky numbers will be picked randomly. And if you happen to bet on one of them and ins, you could potentially increase your winnings up to 500 times your bet.


Playing Roulette Online Real Money Games At WClub

If you are looking for the best live Roulette experience and get a chance to win real money prizes, WClub is the best place to be. We are one of the most trusted online gambling sites in Singapore that offers the best casino bonuses and promotions. Sign up for an account at WClub today!

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