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Thursday, July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024 9:17 am

Horse Racing Betting

Singapore’s Best Horce Racing in 2024

Horse racing and betting have always gone hand in hand for many years. It has a long history of attracting punters to bet on their favorite runners and jockeys because this event promises you to win big. Well, we couldn’t blame them because horse race betting can bring you the excitement that you can only find in racecourses.


Singapore Horse Race Betting Landscape

Although lottery and horse race betting are allowed in Singapore, gambling remains to be strictly forbidden and heavily regulated. Locals can only participate in betting activities through Singapore Pools without breaking any laws. However, betting options offered by SG Pools are very much limited.

Good thing that, you can now enjoy the excitement of betting on thoroughbreds – thanks to the wide accessibility of online betting sites like WClub. Now, you don’t have to visit Kranji Racecourse and other racecourses in the country. Furthermore, your options are no longer limited to what Singapore Pools offers. With WClub, you can now bet on horse racing events happening from all over the world.

Top Horse Race Betting Providers At WClub

Leagues Available For Horse Racing Betting In Singapore

Kranji Mile

Established in 2000, this Singapore horse racing event was founded to celebrate the opening of Kranji Racecourse. It covers a 1600-meter race and is open to all horses aged three, with prize money of S1,000,000. Originally, Kranji Mile was held in October as part of the prestigious Singapore Triple Crown Series. But when the SIA Cup ended, Kranji Mile replaced it and moved to May 2018 and is now open to international horses.

Lion City Cup

Since 1974, the Lion City Cup has been an important event in the horse racing calendar of Singapore. This covers a 1,888-meter race and is comparable to the biggest local race in the country. The winning horse for this event can take home the prize money of S$300,000.

Queen Elizabeth II Cup

This racing event was established in 1972 to pay tribute to the visit of the late Queen Elizabeth II to the Singapore Turf Club. The horse racing event is open to horses aged three and above. QEII Cup also serves as a preliminary event for the SG Cup and spans a distance of 1,800 meters. The winner of this cup can take home the prize money of S$300,000.

Raffles Cup

The prestigious event covers a span of 1,600 meters and is open to horses aged three and above held at Kranji Racecourse. Raffles Cup marks the beginning of the Singapore Triple Crown Series and is followed by the QEII Cup and SG Gold Cup. This annual equestrian event typically takes place during the first week of November.

Singapore Derby

Many horse race betting fans in Singapore, consider Singapore Derby to be one of the most profitable events in the country. SG Derby covers a distance of 1,800 meters race on the left-hand track at Kranji Racecourse and welcomes four-year-old thoroughbred horses. If you want to back your favorite horse and jockey, you can place bets like doubles, quinella, trifecta, treble, quaddie, and more at WClub Online Betting Singapore.

Popular Betting Markets Available

Win – It is considered one of the easiest and simplest bets available for horse race betting since you only choose which horse will win the race.

Each Way – This horse bet involves placing two different bets – one on the horse expected to win, and the other to finish within a specific range.

Quinella – Here, you’re betting on which horses will finish at the first sport and second spot.

Trifecta – This can be a bit challenging because you must pick three horses and predict their exact finishing order in the race.

Quartet – The Quartet is where you must accurately predict the top four finishers. Due to its challenging nature, many tracks have lower minimum wager amounts so bettors can place multiple combinations without overspending.

Flexi-Quartet – FlexiQuartet is like Quartet, but the only difference is the minimum or full unit bet used, whichever is higher.

Treble – In this type of horse race bet, you are placing a bet on whom you think will be the winner of three races happening at the same time.

Place Horse Racing Bets At Trusted Online Betting Sites In Singapore

WClub Online Betting Singapore is the best place for horse race betting in Singapore. And we make sure to offer the best online sports betting services to all our patrons. If you love horse racing betting, simply sign up for an account at WClub and continue trying out your betting luck.

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