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Monday, May 20, 2024



What Are Online Betting Promotions

Unlike brick and mortar casinos where there are no VIP perks for the average joe, online betting promotions are available to all WClub888 members regardless of whether they are big or small gamblers! If you want to learn more about a welcome bonus, read a full online casino bonus guide here.

Casino Promotions At Top Online Casino Singapore

WClub888 Online Casino Singapore has 2 casino promotions. We are offering a 0.5% casino rebate to all members. It doesn’t matter which of our live casino providers members choose, all of them are eligible for the rebate. In addition, we have the “Baccarat win streak challenge” where players can win up to $ 500 daily. These promotions will help all members achieve more winnings in the long run! Good luck!

WClub888 Sportsbook Promotions

Here at WClub888 Online Casino Singapore, we have the best sportsbook promotion in the market! We are offering a 0.35% sportsbook rebate. The more you play, the more you win! It’s as simple as that.

Top Slots Promotions At WClub888

WClub888 Online Casino Singapore has a good slots promotion. Members can receive up to 0.70% rebate on their daily slots turnover. The more you play, the higher your rebate will be! All slots providers are eligible for this promotion and slots lovers should make full use of these promotions as it gives them a higher chance to win the jackpot prizes.

Other Online Betting Promotions

In addition to the above online betting promotions that are available to all our members, we also have “First Deposit Bonus Up To $1888” and “First Deposit Bonus (Low Turnover!). This will help members to boost their capital on their initial deposit so that they have a higher chance of winning more!

As the name suggests, the “3x/day Casino Reload Bonus up to $388” and “3x/day Sports and Slots Reload bonus up to $588” can be claimed 3x-a-day to give members a significant edge when they play the games of their choice.

Lastly, WClub888 also offers free bets regularly to all members who have been continuously showing their support on our website. The more you play, the higher your free bet amount will be! With all these perks that WClub888 provides to all members, winning money will be easy!