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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Blackjack Odds: Guide on how to improve your chances

Blackjack Odds: Guide on how to improve your chances

It is never a good feeling to face difficulties while playing Blackjack at trusted online casino Singapore. If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to figure out whether you should hit, stand, or surrender. So, we are here to help you what are the ins and outs of Blackjack. In addition, we will discuss the Blackjack odds and payouts.

How to reduce the house edge of trusted online betting sites in Singapore?

Relax as we delve into the details about everything that you need to know about side bets and their probabilities of success.

What are the Blackjack odds and payouts?

Blackjack is a game of luck, strategy, and skill. You can sit down at a Blackjack table with all of the information you’ve learned from the internet and books.

If you just play on instinct, you might win at top online casino Singapore. But you will still need a plan and some luck to win large. Yes, knowing the odds of winning at Blackjack and the payouts can assist you. However, even knowing these things won’t guarantee you a big victory.

What are the Blackjack odds?
What are the Blackjack odds?

Understanding the basic Blackjack strategy and a strike of luck can help you win.

The question now is will you or the house come out on top?

Find out by taking a seat at the Blackjack table or playing Live Blackjack at an online live casino in Singapore. Notably, you should look for Blackjack variants with the highest payout rates. One of the casino games with the best odds of winning is Blackjack.

When playing Blackjack online, set aside a certain amount of money to play with, and if you don’t win, there’s always tomorrow.

Blackjack Odds – The Blackjack Games with the Highest Probabilities

We play Blackjack for a variety of reasons. It’s simple to keep the house edge under control, its naturally high RTP is enough to prove that. You can expect a 99% Return to Players with this casino table game.

To put it another way, you and the casino are on equal footing. Even so, you can boost your odds of winning by playing proactively. To do so, you must first understand the Blackjack odds. This includes knowing the chances of each bet succeeding. To help you, we listed some of the best Blackjack games that are statistically the most profitable at best online betting site Singapore.

What are the odds of winning in Blackjack?

  • Blackjack Switch – The RTP of this Blackjack variant is 99.92% while its house edge is 0.08%.
  • Blackjack Surrender – This Blackjack variation offers a 99.68% RTP while the house edge is 99.68%.
  • Pontoon – This Blackjack game offers 99.64% RTP while the house edge is 0.36%.
  • Progressive Blackjack – This game offers a 99.64% RTP while the 0.47T% house advantage.
  • DoubleXposure – This Blackjack variant provides 99.33% Return-to-Player while the house advantage is 0.67%.

Blackjack Odds: Your probabilities depend on the bet you make

In Blackjack, it is never a good idea to keep making the same bets over and over again. If you do so, it will eventually catch up with you. Thus, it can drive you to make poor decisions.

Therefore, adding some variation by making a side bet or two will help you avoid cramping your style more than it will help you win. Just don’t turn it into dinner! Also, the Blackjack side bets are additional stakes that you can make. However, they can vary depending on the Blackjack variant you are playing.

The truth is that side bets are not cost-effective, at least not enough to justify a risky wager. Also, keep in mind that the house has a larger advantage on Blackjack side bets.

Furthermore, not all proposition bets are the same. If anything, there is a good enough variation between them to suggest otherwise. What we are saying is, it’s worth checking if how a side bet pays compares to the Blackjack odds you’re betting on.

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

The house’s rules, strategy, and play influence your chances of winning a Blackjack hand. In addition, each casino had its own set of rules and restrictions regarding the moves you can make. Notably, there are several basic principles that all casinos follow.

Before you begin playing, make sure you are familiar with both the individual casino rules and the general guidelines. Because you can lower the house’s edge to 0.5 percent if you utilize the appropriate Blackjack strategy and moves. Worst, if you only play on instinct or impulse, the house’s edge can climb to as much as 5%.

Soft hands

This is when you have an Ace and it is counts as one or eleven points. Therefore, it gives you more room and a better chance to score a Blackjack.

Splitting pairs

When you are dealing two cards of the same value, it appears that splitting certain pairings over others increases your chances of obtaining larger winnings.

What are the Blackjack payouts?

With a few exceptions, payouts are normally available at regular rates at every online casino in Singapore. The following are the basic payment plans:

  • The payout ratio is 3:2 when the player gets a Blackjack and beats the dealer’s card. For example, if you bet $10, then you will receive a payout of $15.
  • If you beat the dealer’s hand without getting a Blackjack, you’ll get a 1:1 payment. Therefore, if you stake $10, then you will receive another $10.
  • If you and the dealer have the same value, then no money will exchange hands. The game will then become a push.
  • The dealer will take your bet if he or she has a better hand than you or a Blackjack. Moreover, you will have to place another stake.

Blackjack Odds Table: The number of decks in play affects the house’s edge

No. of decks used

House edgeRTP


What are the rules that affect the house edge?

Do you want to know how to get the best Blackjack odds?

Moreover, the house edge of a given Blackjack variant is largely predetermined in online casinos. Although some cases can change it. In addition, some factors will make your chances of winning worse, while others will make them better. That is why you must learn the various situation to know what is the mathematically correct decision is in the given case.

Blackjack Odds Table

Blackjack Odds Situations

House Edge Changes
Soft 17+0.2%
Number of Decks0.18% – 0.50%
Doubling Down Restrictions+0.2%
Splitting Aces Is Prohibited+0.06%
Blackjack Payout 6:5


By examing the table, you will notice that the Blackjack odds conditions and the house edge change. Keep in mind that various casino rules may apply in each of the following situations.

Furthermore, there is a significant difference between the house edge of land-based and online Blackjack. Because the gameplay specifics of some Blackjack games can affect the Blackjack odds. Good thing that the inconsistencies in in-game variations and rules can be balanced out with the right Blackjack strategy.

In addition, it is said that by using the right strategy, players can reduce the house odds in Blackjack even more. Besides, given the volume of apparently tested solutions available on the internet, this does not appear to be impossible.

What could you win with the Blackjack payout odds?

Getting a perfect 21 is always exciting. However, it doesn’t always pay off. Usually, you will get a 150% of your stake – however, this isn’t always the case though.

We recommend that you draw the line at 6:5. In addition, accepting odds less than 6:5 clearly shows that one is out of step with current online gaming norms.

Furthermore, we’d like you to focus on columns two and three. Moreover, they will assist you in determining the severity of the situation. Also, the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to casinos offering 3:2 Blackjack odds.

The Blackjack Payout Chart

Blackjack PayoutsEstimated House EdgeOdds to Win







Overall, the action in most Blackjack variations develops along the same lines. Except for one outlier that outperforms all others. Because it allows you to do the unthinkable and that is the Switch Cards.

The Blackjack variation popularly known as Blackjack Switch is the most profitable among the others. Simply because it allows you to switch cards between two hands. Moreover, it provides you an alternative when you desperately need to enhance the strength of your hand(s). Despite the negative press, the game remains popular in both land-based and online live casino Singapore.

What are the Blackjack side bets payouts and odds?

As mentioned earlier, some Blackjack variations feature unique side bets. Even if you see the same bet in several forms with the same name, the payout rate could be different, too. Also, the main point here is that there are many Blackjack side bets. And some of them may catch your attention because they all follow the same rule. In Blackjack side bets, the payments also rise in proportion to the difficulty of the bet. So, we’ve compiled the best of what’s available in the Blackjack odds and payout table below. So, let’s start walking you through the possibilities.

What are the Blackjack side bets and their odds?

Blackjack Side Bets

PayoutsBlackjack Odds to Win
Perfect Pair25:1   3.98%
Coloured Pair12:18.26%
Mixed Pair6:116.39%
Suited Trips100:11.00%
Straight Flush40:12.49%
Three of a Kind30:13.32%

Looking at the table, it is easy to see how betting on Suited Trips bet will payout in the long run. In addition, it payouts 100:1 and has a one percent chance of winning. Moreover, there is no difference between what you should be paid and what you are paying.

However, always remember that backing fair odds is one thing. Thus, making your bet work is another different story.

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack in Singapore?
What are the odds of winning at Blackjack in Singapore?

To stay afloat, you just need to be correct once every 99 times. In short, you need to have amazing patience when you plan to bet on Suited Trips and make the most of it. This is also the reason why many people opt to wager on Coloured Pair and Perfect Pair. Because the house edge of these two side bets is fairly minimal.

If you want to try your luck and beat the Blackjack odds, then, you can play at the best online casinos in Singapore.

How to increase your chance of winning?

  • Consider Using a Strategy When Choosing Your Blackjack Variant
  • Avoid Betting on Insurance
  • Consider using a strategy chart.
  • Keep in mind that the house advantage cannot be eliminated. Concentrate solely on your own game.

Blackjack Odds FAQs:

What are the chances of winning at Blackjack?

Playing a regular bet against the dealer is more complicated than it appears. You must consider the cards that are no longer in play, which can only be done by a trained card counter. Still, you won’t go home empty-handed. Because the Blackjack odds table shows you the probability of each side bet happening.

Which Blackjack variants have the most favorable odds?

Single Deck Classic Blackjack offers the most profitable set of features. That is why it earns the title of “best odds”. You can re-split Aces, hit split Aces, and double after a split. On top of that, hitting the Blackjack pays 3:2. When playing Blackjack, the greater the number of decks employed, the greater the house advantage will be.

How can you beat the odds of Blackjack?

Surrendering, splitting, and doubling down after splitting a pair are some of the few actions that not all casinos and game variations allow. Once you’ve been dealt the correct cards, these are a great method to get an advantage. If the dealer stands on a soft 17, then you can double down after splitting.