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Friday, June 21, 2024
Blackjack Hand Rules: What Is Soft 17 In Blackjack?

Blackjack Hand Rules: What Is Soft 17 In Blackjack?

What is soft 17 in blackjack? And, how will the dealer’s decision to hit or stand on a soft 17 affect you when playing at trusted online casino Singapore? Even though playing blackjack is straightforward, many beginners mistakenly think that adhering to a sound blackjack strategy must be challenging.

It’s not at all like that.

You can stand on more cards when the dealer appears to be weak or to have a poor upcard. In addition, you should aim to increase your total and take more risks when the dealer appears to be powerful. This straightforward rule will increase your win rate while playing at the best Singapore online casino.

The house advantage in blackjack, for a bad player, can be as high as 4-5%. But if you play smart, that drops to as little as 0.5%.

However, even seasoned blackjack players can make strategy errors. They stumble specifically when it comes to how the dealer stands on S17. So, what’s a soft 17, and what makes it special?

What is a “soft 17” in blackjack?
What is a “soft 17” in blackjack?

What Is Soft 17 In Blackjack?

Some players steer clear of blackjack. It is because they don’t fully grasp the “dealer must hit on soft 17” rules at the table. Yet, this rule may be highly advantageous to a player if they know how to play their hand.

Furthermore, players who use the S17 rules might have been duped. As they come to believe that there is just one basic strategy chart that can be used with every set of rules. That is untrue.

Do you avoid the game because you find the rules to be confusing? Or, have you been playing blackjack but utilizing the incorrect strategy chart while playing at the best online betting site Singapore? In either case, we provide some useful information on the regulation. For players to play 21 at their best, we also include the various basic strategy charts and the best variations that are available.

What Exactly Is A Soft 17?

A soft 17 has an impact on both the dealer and the player. When an ace is dealt, a soft hand results. A hard hand results when an Ace is dealt, although the value of the card must be one rather than 11.

In a Singapore online casino, a soft hand occurs when the Ace appears as 11. So, while determining whether a 17 is hard or soft, the Ace is essential to the hand.

A hard 17 occurs when an Ace, seven, and nine occur. With the Ace existing as one, as if the Ace were an 11 it would be a bust because it is greater than 21.

However, an S17 is made up of a six and an Ace. Thus, the Ace counts as an 11.

Soft 17 Rules: Does The Dealer Have To Hit On A Soft 17?

The soft 17 rules require dealers to hit when they have an S17 hand. Players can determine whether the S17 rule applies to the dealer. They just need to look for the rule written on the virtual table online or question a croupier at land-based venues.

Why Would A Dealer Have To Hit On A Soft 17?

Because it is an S17, dealers can adjust the Ace number from 11 to one after drawing their third card.

Let’s assume the dealer received a soft 17, meaning an Ace and a six, and then drew a nine. Although it would look like they had 26, which would indicate that they get busted. But that is not the case since the Ace can be changed into one. And, the actual number is 16.

Does the dealer have to hit on a soft 17?
Does the dealer have to hit on a soft 17?

What Is Soft 17 And Why Is This A Good Rule For Players?

When playing at the best online casino Singapore, consider the example we mentioned above. Drawing a nine increased the dealer’s hand to 16. This is considered a bad hand in blackjack. In addition, it has a 62% break-out percentage, which is advantageous to the player.

While hitting on a soft 17, players might not be as fortunate if the dealer turned over a two, three, four, or even a five.

It is common to believe that standing on an S17 is preferable, however, this is not always the case. Regardless, when choosing whatever rule variant to play, make sure you consider the basic strategy chart, which we cover below.

What Is Soft 17 And Can A Player Hit On It?

This rule is not specific to dealers. Nonetheless, it is only present in some versions, whereas players can hit on Soft 17 in all titles. Take note that it is not recommended that players always hit on an S17. This is where the basic blackjack strategy comes into play, recommending that players double down if allowed based on the dealer-up card.

Blackjack Basic Strategy With Soft 17

As previously stated, there are some exceptions when using the soft 17 rule. This comprises several hands played against certain dealer cards. We’ve included the majority of them, but remember to do your research, especially if you’re playing with fewer than four decks.

  1. If the player has a total of 11 and the dealer has an Ace, he should double down rather than hit.
  2. On the other hand, you need to double down rather than stand when a player has a soft 18 and the dealer has a two.
  3. Surrender if allowed instead of hitting if the player has a hard 15 and the dealer has an Ace.
  4. Does the player have a pair of eights and the dealer has an ace? If allowed, it’s better to surrender instead of split.

Blackjack Variants With Soft 17 Rules

There are other Blackjack variants online that feature the S17 rule, in which the dealer hits. It is critical to keep track of the title you are playing as well as the software supplier in case the rewards differ. When looking for a strategy chart, make sure you have the correct game regulations as well as the S17 rule.

Single Deck Blackjack Pro By NetEnt

NetEnt develops this title. Here, it contains the dealer hits on the soft 17 rule. With only one deck and the S17 rule, players will need to search for a simple strategy chart. There is also a high and low-limit version with the same rules.

Spanish 21 By Microgaming

This is an intriguing blackjack variant from Microgaming that features the S17 rule. Players will need to look out a blackjack strategy chart for the Spanish 21 title and the soft 17 rule.

Test Your Blackjack Knowledge Today

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