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Friday, June 21, 2024
against the spread

Against The Spread: What Does ATS Mean In Betting?

Are you interested in learning how to bet the spread or what against the spread means? Well, you have come to the right place if you want to wager at top online betting sites in Singapore. Since most sporting events have a favorite, bookmakers use a spread to even the odds. So, what does ATS mean in betting?

In ATS betting, winning the game is no longer sufficient for the favorite. Instead, they must win by a certain margin (the point spread) to “cover the spread.”

Let’s go through the fundamentals of spread betting before you wager in a Singapore online casino.

Point Spread Betting: What Is It?

The goal of point spread betting is to balance the playing field between two unequal teams. In a moneyline bet, you are choosing a team to win outright. However, in spread betting, the margin of victory dictates the outcome of your bet.

against the spread
How does ATS betting work?

The spread is regarded as the greatest balancer. This is due to its intention of making every matchup equally likely to succeed. The most important thing to keep in mind is that even if your team wins the game, your spread bet may not necessarily have paid off.

As with moneyline betting, a negative (-) number of points represents the favorite, while a positive (+) number of points represents the underdog. The favorites must win by more points than the spread to “cover the spread”. On the other hand, the underdogs must not lose by more points than stated.

ATS Betting: What Does ATS Mean in Betting?

In ATS betting, you are placing a wager on the underdog to win when using an ATS spread. Conversely, you select the favorite if you decide to gamble using the spread.

So, what is ATS in betting?

In a spread market, picking the team with a plus sign next to the odds also means betting against the spread.

You won’t be perplexed about who you’re selecting because the + symbol makes it clear what the ATS odds are. Moneyline betting shouldn’t be a problem for experienced bettors, but if you’re new, you should familiarize yourself with the + and -.

To win an ATS wager, your selection must either win or lose by no more than the given number of points.

Against The Spread: How Does It Work?

At first, ATS betting could seem difficult, but after learning more about it, it becomes simple. Like we always say, your underdog must win the game or not lose by more than the spread.

For your ATS sports betting choice to succeed, those two conditions must be true. Therefore, you lose if your team falls short of the required number of points. It’s that simple.

against the spread
What does ATS mean in betting?

Which Is Better: Betting With The Spread Or Betting Against The Spread?

If you choose the favorite, you are taking a chance on the spread. Contrarily, ATS betting involves selecting the underdog. Only one wager needs to win against the spread. For any bettor, novice or experienced, it shouldn’t be hard since they know how it functions.

What Type Of Sports Accepts ATS Betting?

When it comes to ATS betting, certain sports are more popular than others at trusted online betting site in Singapore.

Any sport with point spreads is appropriate for the ATS. Basketball and football betting are the most common uses for it. Sportsbooks in Singapore seldom provide ATS bets on baseball or ice hockey. Yet, each online betting site Singapore is allowed to make its own decision.

The point totals for each sport are the most important factor to consider if you want to bet ATS. Also, take note that ATS can be different in various sports. Nevertheless, the premise remains the same.

ATS Betting In Basketball

Basketball is a high-scoring sport. Usually, the point total in the NBA will be about 200 points.

In addition, a basketball player can score one point (on a free throw), two points (on a basket inside the three-point line), or three points (on a three-point field goal). Soccer, in contrast, only allows for the addition of one point (the goal) to the scoreboard.

How do spread lines work in basketball?

To fully understand the spread lines, examine how (and how many) points are scored. At the same time, identify which sport to bet against the spread on.

American Football: Against the Spread Betting

Football ranks in the middle in terms of point totals. The average number of points scored in a game is 45.

As with basketball, several numbers are put on the scoreboard depending on the scenario.

A touchdown, for example, is worth six points. Then it is followed by the option to kick an extra point or try for a two-point conversion. This means that a club might score up to eight points from a single attacking position.

In American football, there are three-point field goals and two-point safety, too.

There are several scoring methods and a complicated scoring system in American Football. As a result, ATS betting in American football can be quite exciting and popular.

Football/Soccer ATS Betting

In sports betting, soccer often has the smallest handicap lines. They are often situated at a distance of one to three points.

As you know, soccer only allows a team to score a one-point (goal) at a time. The handicap lines are therefore logically quite short.

This sport is a popular ATS betting option owing to its easy scoring style and low point frequency. This also makes predicting who will win more difficult, perhaps resulting in larger awards.

A misjudged tackle in the penalty area may shift the fortunes of a game (and your bet).

ATS Betting FAQs:

What Happens If You Win A Bet Against The Spread?

It’s simple, you’ve won your bet (the initial stake plus profits) if your team wins or the opposition fails to cover the spread. Remember to use a trusted payment method to receive your winnings. So that they are immediately available for withdrawal.

What If Your Point Spreads Results In A Loss?

An ATS bet loss happens only when your choice loses by more points than the line. In this situation, you lose your whole wager – if you staked $100, you lose it all.

What Happens If The Results Of The Point Spread Bet Are Tie?

In this case, a tie leads to a “push.” Therefore, you receive your initial wager back but receive no gains. If there is a tie in the game and you bet $100, you immediately receive your winnings.

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