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Thursday, July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024 7:07 am
how to handicap football games

Football Handicapping: How to handicap football games?

Keeping track of all of the many types of betting in today’s football betting market might be difficult. After all, the selection in sports betting is so broad. Also, starting as a newbie bettor has never been more difficult. Because there are so many different types of bets and the market is continuously growing. In this post, we will help you with how to handicap football games. So, you can improve your knowledge and research by delving into one of the betting’s lesser-known markets – the handicap bet. Why not have a look at how handicap betting works in football below. Nowadays, football handicapping is gradually getting more popular at top online casino in Singapore.

What is handicap betting in sports?

Handicap betting is a type of sports betting that is used to level the playing field when two opponents are believed to be of equal strength. Despite their growing popularity, many bettors are unfamiliar with them.

Sports handicapping is the bookies’ way of acknowledging that one team in the tie is significantly better than the other and will dominate the game. In handicap betting, the bookmakers place a ‘handicap’ on one team. This is a deficit that they must overcome while still coming out ahead of their opponents for the bet to win.

You may have heard about handicap betting in sports and are curious as to what it entails or how it works. This is a bet popularized by Asians that involves the predicting balance of two teams’ matches.

How does football handicapping work?

You can easily understand how does handicap betting works by using an example. Let’s assume Man City is playing a cup encounter against Accrington Stanley. There is just one possible outcome for this tie. You can see it in the odds given by an Asian sportsbook. Man City odds of approximately 1/200 to win the game, rendering it a meaningless exercise. Similarly, betting for Accrington to get one over on City is a waste of money.

Rather, by placing a handicap bet on this game, you automatically increase your odds. It also makes it far more appealing. In this case, you could put Man City at a -1 to -5 goal handicap. By using such a handicap on Man City, you automatically increase your odds while remaining within the realms of possibility. For a -3 bet, Man City would have to defeat Accrington Stanley by four goals or more, which is a significantly more appealing wager.

how to handicap football games
How to handicap football games?

These types of bets are frequently featured in weekly football tips. This is because they are perfect for maximizing odds and making bets far more worthwhile than low odd outrights.

Types of Handicap Betting

Handicap betting can be classified into two types:

1. No-draw handicap betting

This bet eliminates the possibility of a tie in the game. In addition, it also provides a team with a 0.5 increment added on or taken away as a handicap. So, if the team with the handicap wins the game and hence the virtual scoreboard, you will win your bet with a clear winner.

2. Handicap betting in three ways

This means you can win your bet even if the game ends in a draw. That is as long as you predicted the correct virtual deficit and it was effectively made up.

3. Asian Handicap Betting: How to handicap football games?

This is the most common form of football handicap betting. It appears to be increasing in popularity. Yet, it can be difficult to understand at first. Asian handicap combines two marketplaces into a single wager. For starters, it provides punters with the opportunity to win their money twice. Second, applying handicaps appropriately eliminates the draw in the bet. Then, it also provides both sides in the bet a much more 50/50 equal chance of winning.

Asian handicap betting markets are ideal for football traders searching for an alternative to the more standard betting 1×2 markets.

Furthermore, Asian handicap betting is a variant of the no-draw handicap that eliminates draw. They do, however, give the option of split handicaps, in which your pick is made up of:

  • Whole
  • Half
  • Quarter numbers

Here’s an example of a single Asian handicap bet:

Let’s assume you place a wager on Leeds United. They are the favored team by -1 on the single Asian handicap market versus Aston Villa.

If Leeds wins by two goals or more, your bet is successful. However, when Leeds wins by one goal, the result is a tie and your stake is returned. Otherwise, you lose your wager if Aston Villa wins or draws.

How to handicap football games?

When it comes down to basics, there are various ways to handicap football games. Here are the five of the most crucial aspects of how to handicap football games.

In most matches, the mixture of these elements determines the outcome. However, many handicappers prefer one of the following strategies over another when betting at trusted online betting sites in Singapore. It is the handicapper’s “identify”.

how to handicap football games
How to handicap football?

Technical: How to handicap football?

For each game, there are more “technicals” accessible than any other way. For example, hearing that team A is 9-1 against team B over the last ten years is technical. In addition, some teams are 9-2 at home and 2-9 on the road. Night vs. Day games, as well as Grass vs. Turf, are common examples of “techs”, too.

It is necessary to analyze how teams perform within their division as opposed to outside of their division. For example, on Monday Night Football, a club like the Oakland Raiders was once dubbed “unbeatable”. Today, that technological trend is no longer relevant. Besides, trends must be updated regularly. Moreover, you can find all of these “statistics and trends” in the history of numbers.

Furthermore, many trends follow patterns that do not vary depending on how teams play. For example, West Coast teams travel to play on the east coast. They had historically benefited the east coast teams due to the early 1:00 p.m. est start time. Also, the time difference and travel both took their toll.

Even so, the oddsmakers have responded to this by awarding extra points to the east coast team. They also modify the spread. However, this is no longer an automatic bet. Another way is playing three consecutive away games. On that third away game, it used to be another automatic play against the road team. In this case, the point spreads have been changed by the bookmakers, but not by the average gambler. These are the kinds of technical references that you should avoid.

Emotional: How to handicap football games?

When handicapping sports games, you must watch certain sports with emotional components. This is especially true in college football. Whereas, due to youth and long-standing rivalries, emotions frequently surge.

Revenge is beneficial to a player’s “emotional viewpoint” when playing a game. You must also consider a humiliating loss from the previous year. In addition, there are those rivalry games where all metrics are tossed out the window and the underdog plays like the World Champions.

In the NFL, for example, what happened last week could lead to a dramatic change in approach this week. Similarly, a team that looked terrible and miserable in week four might surprise everyone in week five. In which case, they may play completely differently than they did previously.

The oddsmakers will almost definitely have changed the lines to fool the bettors. Take precautions and seek the advice of Wayne Root. Normally, at least one game per week is covered by this.

Situational: How to handicap sports?

This aspect in handicapping sports is a combination of technical and emotional factors. There could be a “key” injury that is “situational” to that game. Also, the weather could play a significant role in the in-game analysis.

Therefore, you should be wary of overemphasizing injuries. Because the team with the injured player frequently rises to the occasion in those situations.

And, when it comes to weather, the wind is far and away from the most important aspect. It can greatly outweigh rain or snow. This factor, as well as our preference for betting live underdogs, are reasons to place your bets as close to kickoff as possible.

Football Handicapping: Using Fundamentals

Using “fundamentals” for handicapping is just looking at basic fundamental “X and O” in football metrics.

Let’s say team A ranks first in passing versus team B, which ranks 27th in passing defense. In this case, one must consider betting on team A.

Meanwhile, some teams struggle on turf due to aging and a lack of quickness. When handicapping football games and conducting the analysis, make sure that the principles of statistics are in place. Oftentimes, teams that rush the ball the most in the playoffs appear to win most. Before putting a wager in this type of handicapping, make sure to compare rushing stats to “against the rush” figures. Also, keep the regular season and playoff stats separate — it’s a new season.

Trend Based Handicapping at Sportsbook Betting Singapore

how to handicap football games
What is the basic type of football handicapping?

This is likely the most basic type of handicapping in sports.

It is also, in our opinion, the weakest. Oftentimes, we’re quite unlikely to ever place a bet merely based on a trend. It does, however, have its applications.

This type of handicapping focuses on identifying trends and patterns that are likely to persist. The idea is to identify any trends that teams may have in various situations. Here are some instances of trends that football bettors watch for.

Singapore bettors must watch for teams that are always (or mostly) winning at home. Likewise, they should keep track of teams that are always (or mostly) losing on the road.

Football bettors must also watch for trends like teams consistently covering when a small home underdog. Similarly, watch out for teams that are consistently failing to cover when a big home favorite.

Furthermore, watch for trends that perform well after a big loss. Similarly, watch for trends that perform badly after a big win. Additionally, watch for teams who perform well/badly when under pressure.

How to handicap football games using trends?

According to the theory, any team that already has any of the traits mentioned above is likely to continue to have them in the future. Let’s say a team frequently covers when they are a tiny underdog at home. In this case, we should back them to cover anytime they are in that circumstance. While this makes sense, it is extremely limiting.

The trends that CAN assist us to uncover value in the betting markets are often much more difficult to spot. The only way to find them is to filter through massive amounts of data, which can take a long time. However, we’re not sure if this is the best use of our time. Because given how difficult it may be to predict how long a trend will last.

To recap, there are two legitimate reasons why we dislike using trends as a solo type of handicapping.

  1. Identifying truly useful trends is challenging and time-consuming.
  2. It’s difficult to predict if a certain trend will continue.

This is not to say that you should completely disregard trend-based handicapping. As previously indicated, it can be beneficial. We truly appreciate two trend-based strategies, and they are a regular element of our betting strategy. Here’s some background on them.

Highlighting potential opportunities: How to handicap football games?

This, in our opinion, is the most valuable application of trends. Although, we don’t like to rely on them to make betting decisions. But, we do find them extremely useful for identifying potential opportunities.

Assume we’ve discovered a pattern in which a team frequently fails to cover when they’re a strong home favorite. Some bettors would simply follow this trend blindly. Then, the next time this club is a strong home favorite, they’ll bet against the spread.

Confirming existing viewpoints

This is much the same as the previous strategy but in reverse. Assume we’ve been studying for an upcoming game. Then, after conducting the appropriate research and analysis, we believe the favorite will cover. There are several reasons behind this, one of which is that they have recently won a huge game and appear to be in excellent form.

how to handicap football games
How to identify potential opportunities?

This can sometimes be enough to persuade us that we’re betting for the right reasons. Also, sometimes we need a little additional assurance. At this point, we may look back at previous statistics to see if there was any pattern showing that this team performs well following a major win. If we identified such a pattern, it would support our initial hypothesis.

How To Use Football Handicapping Techniques Effectively

Whatever handicapping techniques you use, they will only bring you so far. Even the most powerful approaches will be ineffective if the fundamentals are not correct. Here is a list of some basic talents that you will need to master to be successful.

  1. Use effective money management.
  2. Bet for the best value.
  3. Be selective when choosing a bet.
  4. Take into account a wide range of variables.
  5. Learn to control your emotions.

It is difficult to be successful without effective money management, and betting for value is essential. Being choosy with your wagers should keep you from wasting money and allow you to focus on finding the best prospects. Consideration of a wide range of elements should guarantee that you make betting decisions for the proper reasons. Yes, controlling your emotions is difficult. However, it is something you must learn to do when you want to bet on the best and most trusted online casino in Singapore.