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Thursday, July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024 4:52 am
alderney gambling control commission

What is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission?

Almost every month, new online casinos are sprouting like a mushroom. Also, choosing a safe and secure casino site can be a daunting task for everyone. Well, you don’t have to go through so much hassle. You can see the licensing of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). With this licensing body, you can check out which Singapore online casinos are safe and secure.

What is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission?

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is a respectable regulatory body. And it is independent of any government. Also, AGCC is the top organization that ensures the safety and fairness of online gaming.

The Alderney Commission licenses online casinos and other gambling companies. Also, it is a separate body that issues licenses. The body is issuing licenses like:

  • B2C – Business to the customer license
  • B2B – Business to business license
alderney gambling control commission
What is Alderney Gambling Control Commission?

It also issues temporary licenses for companies that want to operate for a limited time. When a Singapore online casino has licenses from Alderney Commission, then it is reliable and safe. The licenses from AGCC are one of the most reliable and safest online casino licenses.

Those who operated under the licensure are reliable, trusted, and long-standing online casinos. It is due to the reason that AGCC works hard to maintain the integrity of all the iGaming activities that they regulated.

That being said, many gamblers are looking for the presence of an Alderney certification at the website of an online casino. Besides, the logo of AGCC serves as a reassurance that the casino they are playing is safe to play.

Alderney Gaming Control Commission – What is it?

Established in May 2000. Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was set up to oversee Alderney’s extensive online gambling activities. As the iGaming industry continues to progress, the AGCC streamlined and refined its regulations.

Together with the Malta Gaming Agency (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), they ensure that the casino operator is offering its player the chance to play at a safe online casino in Singapore.

Alderney Gambling Control – What it does?

AGCC issues two types of electronic gambling licenses and certification.

  1. This license covers customer interaction. It also covers managing funds where a direct contractual relationship exists. It has something to do with players:
  • Registration
  • Verification
  • Contracts
  • Fund
  1. This license allows online gaming transactions and the management of the iGaming platform.

Thus, these two types of licenses are intricately connected. The main aim of AGCC is to depend on and improve its name as a top-tier regulatory jurisdiction. Moreover, they work towards the goal of ensuring the ff:

  • All gambling activity is conducted fairly and honestly.
  • Online gambling together with its management, operation, and funding should be free from any criminal influence.
  • Implement strict regulations and monitoring to protect the vulnerable and young people.
  • In addition, this licensing body takes up compliance testing of licensees.  They also perform regular technical checking as they work closely with certified testing labs around the world.
  • Furthermore, Alderney Gambling Control Commission provides transparency for both players and casino operators. When you visit the website of AGCC, you will find the name of the licensees and the names of the applicants.

Why Play at an Alderney Gaming Control Commission Regulated Casino?

alderney gambling control commission
What are the advantages of playing at AGCC regulated casino?

Well, there are many reasons why you should play at an AGCC regulated casino. First of all, you will have peace of mind knowing that your account is safe. Also, you can rest assured at all your data and financial information are secured.

Also, online gaming sites are promoting responsible gambling. Moreover, you have assured of a fair gaming experience and a real chance of winning in any casino game.

AGCC – Player Protection

Alderney Gambling Control Commission make sure that players are protected in terms of:

  • Data
  • Finances
  • Gaming experience

Thus, the companies with eGambling License from AGCC must comply with the data protection Act. In short, operators must be able to handle properly the sensitive information of its player. The casino operators must also show that they are capable of storing data securely and responsibly.

Furthermore, the operators must be paid special attention to the young and vulnerable players. On top of that, the player funds should be kept separately from the operational fund of the casino.

Fair Gaming

Any gambling operators that offer virtual online games must use RGN software as well as show expected RTP rates in-game descriptions. This regulation is set out by top regulatory bodies like UKGC and MGA. It is due to the reason that the mechanics of online games cannot be seen by players. So, Singapore online casinos must use RNGs to produce an outcome.

These RNGs show that the software providers and online casinos have no control over the result of each game. In short, the RNGs help in providing gamblers with a fair gambling experience.

Furthermore, licensed technical laboratories that work with Alderney Gaming Control Commission are routinely checking the equipment of online casinos. These regular testing and technical supervision aim to ensure that all Singapore online casino games are running fair and the RNG software is completely random.

Operator Accountability

Accountability is very important in terms of gambling. If there is no accountability in place, the casino operator can do whatever they want. Thus, the player will suffer great losses without accountability. But, you don’t have to worry because AGCC casinos stand by their word.

If you experience any misconduct from the operator, and then you can get in touch with Alderney Gambling Control. The casino operators should be responsible for their actions. So, if the online casino in Singapore behaves unethically, then, AGCC can legally challenge them.

The presence of AGCC on the website of an online casino guarantees that the site is fair and safe to use. Also, the AGCC can legally challenge the casino if it breaks the regulations set by this commission. AGCC license is hugely important to ensuring players can gamble without any fear of being scammed.

How to know if the online casino is regulated by the AGCC?

Seeing the logo and license of AGCC on the website of the online casino is not enough. You should also cross-reference its licenses with the AGCC. To check, you can visit the website of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and search through the list of brands, companies, and URLs that have obtained AGCC licenses. See the AGCC licensees page.

What are the issues you can raise at Alderney Gaming Control Commission?

There are few options in which you can raise complaints about the casino with an eGambling license from AGCC.

You should report the problem to the operator of the casino. Then, see if their customer support team can resolve this issue. All online gambling websites are obliged to have customer support during business hours if not 24/7. You can typically contact them through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat

Does the casino won’t reply to your message or has not resolved the problem? Then, you can consider filling out a complaint form (AGCC full form). Even though the problems that you may encounter can be wide-ranging, they should fit in any of the ff. categories:

  • Prize disputes
  • Bet outcome disputes
  • Bonus disputes
  • IT issues
  • Customer service problems
  • Operators voiding bets

How to make a complaint at AGCC?

If you wish to pursue filling up a complaint to Alderney Gambling Control, then visit their website. You can find plenty of details on what you should do. After you issued a formal complaint, then the commission will then contact the casino operator in question. So, they can start the investigation and uncover all the facts about the case.

alderney gambling control commission
How to make a complaint at AGCC?

Keep in mind that filling up complaints with Alderney can be a long process. So, it should only be your last resort to solve the problem. You can submit a formal complaint about the casino operator to the AGCC here.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission FAQs:

What does the Alderney Gambling Control Commission do?

The Alderney Commission issues licenses and certifications to casino operators that follow AGCC’s stringent rules for Game Fairness. Player’s Safety. Protection of the young and vulnerable people. Also, this body ensures that the operators stay compliant to regular testing on their games.

How to get an eGambling Licence from the AGCC?

The casino operators must prove that they are competent and protects their players. Important criteria to get a license: Clear Ownership. Separate Player Funds. No links with crime. Competent. High levels of Cybersecurity. Have enough finances.

Does AGCC grant licenses to mobile casinos?

Yes, you will find top online and mobile SGD casinos in Singapore have been issued with a license in Alderney. As such, both platforms should adhere to the highest standards and code of conduct set by AGCC. Do you want to check if the Singapore online casino site and mobile casino app is licensed by Alderney? Then, it should display the logo of the commission.