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Friday, June 21, 2024
roulette terms

Uncommon Roulette Terms, Words, and Phrases

Whether you’re a seasoned casino player or a complete beginner, mastering the Roulette terms used in casinos around the world will benefit your game. It can also help your interactions with other Roulette players and casino personnel.

Why you should learn the Roulette jargon?

Like we always said, this game is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Since its introduction in the 18th century in France, this simple wheel-spinning gambling game has spread across the globe.

You will surely find Roulette in a gaming hall, casino resort, or card club. The utmost simplicity of this game makes it accessible to casino newcomers.

All you have to do is guess a number, color, or result on where the ball lands. Then, watch the wheel spin and hopes that the ball will land on your prediction. Although Roulette has a reputation of being a sucker game to many seasoned gamblers, it has several bets with minimal house advantage.

What are the different Roulette terms and phrases that you should know?
What are the different Roulette terms and phrases that you should know?

In other words, Roulette is an absolute classic in the world of casino gambling.

However, many newbies to the table may feel as if they’ve walked into another planet. Simply because the game uses Roulette terms, jargon, and slang phrases. These Roulette words and expressions take time to learn and much alone master. Yet, you need to put an effort to learn them if you are to going to play Roulette.

If you don’t understand these uncommon Roulette terms, then playing Roulette might make you feel like a foreigner who doesn’t know the secret code.

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used gambling terms and phrases, as well as casino jargon used by Roulette players. Without further ado, here is our glossary of Roulette words you’ll encounter frequently while playing Roulette.

Roulette Glossary: What are the uncommon terms in Roulette?

Roulette Terms #1: Croupier

As the game originated in France, there is no doubt that this game uses some French words like Roulette and Croupier. The term “Roulette” means small wheel, while the word “Croupier” is a french word for a casino game dealer.

Croupier is a casino employee who is responsible for handling the Roulette table.

Roulette games require only one casino croupier to handle the action. In addition, he is the one in charge of overseeing all aspects of the gameplay. The croupier notify you when betting begins. He will wave a hand to indicate the end of betting, the fire the ball while spinning the wheel.

The croupier then determines the winning number, communicates it to the players, and pays out winning wagers one by one. When the house wins, they collect losing bets with the dreaded “vacuum” motion, swiping every last chip on the felt into a gaping hole.

Although most Americans still refer to the dealer as “dealer,” European and Asian players prefer the name “croupier” at the table. Croupiers aren’t just for Roulette, either. If you visit a casino in Monte Carlo or Macau, you’ll hear croupiers referred to as dealers in blackjack, baccarat, and other games.

Roulette Words #2: Inside Bet

As a newbie player, it may appear to be one giant mystery when you look at the betting arrangement of the Roulette table.

This is because all of those numerals are running in groups of three and alternating black and red as they go. In addition, they are flanked by numerous additional places with strange designations like 1st, 13, 24, and Odd.

So, for those who have never played before, the intricate arrangement may leave them baffled. However, when the betting pattern is broken down into Inside and Outside bets, things become a lot clearer.

What is an Inside bet?
What is an Inside bet?

When you heard a Roulette player talking about the Inside bets, they are merely referring to the single number spaces of 1-36. These number spaces can be either black or red as well as green 0 or 00 spaces.

On the Inside bet, by betting on just one number you can take advantage of the long-shot odds of 35:1. Furthermore, many Roulette newcomers employ this technique. However, it is not the most profitable play in terms of the house edge. Despite that, it does provide excitement and entertainment value when the wheel cooperates.

Roulette Expressions #3: Biased Number or Wheel

Essentially, the theory goes as follows. If one were to examine the outcomes of a million or even a hundred million Roulette spins, certain numbers would certainly appear more frequently than others would.

For supporters of the biased number theory, the sample size does not need to be nearly as huge. Moreover, these players will look to see if the number 17 or whatever else appears a few times in a cluster. When that happens, they rush to that number of spaces with maximum wagers. Then, you hope to gain a profit from the biased number.

Of course, this is all nonsense, because a Roulette wheel provides actual randomization with each spin. Sure, some numbers may appear more frequently throughout a given time, but that is what statisticians and gamblers alike refer to as “variance”. In other words, when numbers appear in waves, it’s just dumb luck.

The biased number wheel is based on reality to some degree, owing to the biased wheel, a historical artifact.

Before casino gaming was regulated, any saloon owner could make their Roulette wheel. And if they did, what was to stop them from etching microscopic grooves into the wheel to ensure that the ball lands in a certain number of spaces more frequently than probability would suggest?

That’s all there is to it.

So they did, “gaffing” wheels to deliver results they knew were coming. The biased number phenomena arose during this early period of extensive cheating among gamblers.

Thankfully, strict gaming rules and inspections from reputable Roulette wheel manufacturers ensure that such tricks are no longer possible. Also, when you play at top live casinos in Singapore, rest assured that there is no biased wheel or number.

Roulette Terms #4: Past Posting Roulette

Past posting is the practice of betting on the winning area after the wheel has stopped spinning. This is considered the cardinal sin for Roulette players.

Croupiers must maintain a careful balance while keeping an eye on the wheel, their chip reserves, and the betting arrangement. Most croupiers achieve this with pretty ease. However, rookies and slackers are famous for occasionally losing sight of the ball.

Past posters prey on these unwary croupiers. They wait at the right moment before spotting the winning number out of the corner of their eye. Then, puts a chip stack onto the winning slot before the croupier notices.

When this trick succeeds, a past poster can walk away with a few hundred dollars in easy profit from a single spin. However, this trick only works on gambling halls that lack security precautions. Good thing that this scam cannot be effective these days because the best Singapore online casinos are using sophisticated security.

Past posting doesn’t work very often these days, especially in the modern age of 24/7 casino surveillance from the “eye in the sky”. With cameras capturing every second of the activity, attempting to past posting in any trusted online casino Singapore is not only risky but also stupid. Of course, you cannot do it in an online live casino Singapore wherein a Roulette game is run by RNG software.

Uncommon Roulette Words #5: Dolly

When the wheel eventually stops spinning and the ball has come to rest, the croupier uses a dolly to cap any chips put on the winning number.

A Roulette dolly is usually a two-inch-tall clear acrylic or glass cylinder. The top of the dolly is usually spherical and serves as a handle for the croupier. Think of a marble glued to the end of a ChapStick tube.

The dolly is used in Roulette to shield the winning number spot from previous posting attempts. As we mentioned earlier, you’d be shocked how many gamblers believe they can outwit the croupier. While putting a chip onto the winning number slot after the spin is one of the stupidest things you can do, past posting is real.

What is a Roulette dolly?
What is a Roulette dolly?

To counteract this practice, casinos required croupiers to notify all winning bets by capping those chips with a dolly immediately after the wheel stops. A dolly also acts as a helpful focal point for the player. It can help you to know which number was lucky to even when you can’t see the wheel.

Finally, the dolly adds a dramatic climax to the proceedings when the croupier slams it down on a stack of chips to announce winners – or space to discard all other single number bets.

Roulette Expressions #6: Chameleon

You will often hear this Roulette expression at every Roulette table.

Chameleon is a type of player who doesn’t appear to have its betting strategy. Instead, he will simply watch what other players do, then follow along. In short, a chameleon gambler, also known as a copycat, attempts to emulate the gambling patterns of winning players.

When someone gets on a roll and their chip stacks begin to increase quickly, chameleon bettors will sit back and watch. Then, places their chips right on top of every subsequent bet the winner makes.

Roulette Terms #7: Pit Boss

This refers to a casino employee who oversees the Roulette table and aids the croupier with any issues. This issue includes cheating, confirmation of correct payouts, and any conflicts that may emerge between players and the house. Casino pit bosses monitor numerous games using cameras to avoid exploitation and have the authority to remove players from the game.

Other Uncommon Roulette terms:

Carr – this is a French term for Corner Bet.

Cheval – this is a French Roulette term for Split Bet.

Colonne – this is a French word that means Column Bet.

En Plein – this is another French word for Straight Up Bet.

Tiers Du Cylindre – this is a French Roulette term that you’ll hear a lot in European casinos. It is a wager on a specific group of numbers on a sector of the Roulette wheel that is adjacent to the layout.

Voisins du Zero – this is a French Roulette term that you’ll hear a lot in European casinos. It is a type of Roulette bet on a specific set of numbers on a portion of the Roulette wheel adjacent to the zero.

Additional Unpopular Roulette Words

Check Rack – this is a tray used by the croupier for storing and organizing casino chips.

Choppy Game – this is one of the Roulette terms used to describe a game in which neither the house nor the player wins.

Grifter – Roulette word refers to a Roulette player who is a scammer or a cheater.

In Roulette terminology, what is a grifter?
In Roulette terminology, what is a grifter?

Mucker – this Roulette terminology refers to a player who cheats by employing dirty tricks like past posting.

Pinching – this Roulette word refers to the act of removing chips after losing a bet. This is another form of cheating that some players try to execute at trusted casinos in Singapore.

Positive Progression – this is a Roulette strategy in which a player doubles his stakes after winning.

Roulette Terms FAQs:

What is a Snake Bet in Roulette?

A snake bet is a Roulette term that refers to a certain combination of single-number inside bets put at the same time. For example, you are betting on numbers like 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34 simultaneously.

In Roulette, what is a pocket?

The pocket refers to the locations on the Roulette wheel where the Roulette ball could land. Each pocket has a unique number ranging from 1 to 36, as well as a 0 pocket and 00. Half of the numbered pickets are red and half are black, while the zeros are green.

What does Section Slicing mean?

This is a Roulette word that refers to the act of breaking the wheel into pieces based on whether numbers are hot. Moreover, it is also a method for detecting bias numbers.

What is Visual Wheel Tracking in Roulette?

This is a Roulette terminology that refers to the process of following the ball and wheel, then predicting where it will land.

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