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Friday, June 21, 2024
biggest slot machine win

Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Win in History

In the history of the biggest slot machine win, many stories have gone viral. From one gigantic win to another, the casino community hears stories about slots wins. Some are even envious of their success in taking home the biggest slot machine winnings.

Who are the biggest slot machine winners?
Who are the biggest slot machine winners?

We all know that online slot games at trusted online casino Singapore are very easy to play. It does not need any gambling experience, nor a trick or strategy to spin the reels. Everyone who wishes to spin the reel has the chance to walk away with the jackpot. All you need is pure luck and wish that your very first spin will land on a winning combination. To inspire you more, here is the list of biggest casino wins of all time.

Biggest Slot Machine Win of All Time

Slot machine winnings #10 – An Unexpected Thrill Worth $12.7 Million

You will surely never know when Lady Luck smiles on you will. How lucky is the woman who visited the casino in Aria Resort? She was in Las Vegas to celebrate her niece’s birthday, but this visit turns out to be the luckiest birthday celebration. After partying, she just dropped $6 on a random slot machine.

To her surprise, she saw random numbers flash on the screen. As well, she was shocked when her niece informed her that she hit the jackpot prize. The anonymous woman had won a jaw-dropping sum of $12,769,933 at Megabucks series machine by IGT.

Indeed, this unexpected thrill will change her life forever. Does the biggest casino win? What a way to spend your out-of-town trip?

An Unexpected Thrill Worth $12.7 Million
An Unexpected Thrill Worth $12.7 Million

Biggest Casino Wins: Insomnia Does of Sleep worth $13 Million

What do you do when you cannot fall asleep?

Do you count sheep or you go out to a casino? Well, some guy is just lucky when he decided to cure his insomnia attack. At Betsson Sports section, he decided to use his free spins instead of betting on sports. A university student in Norway whoops the 13,152,497.31 (€11,736,228) jackpot of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Slot.

Huge Slot Machine Wins #8 – $16 Million Jackpot Winnings at Mega Moolah

When it comes to the biggest online casino winnings, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Slot will surely come first. After gambling with only 25 pence, a 26-year-old British Soldier has won the jackpot of $16,547,652.00.

What a lucky person, right?

Jon Heywood spent a good portion of his winnings to get the best possible medical treatment for his father.

Biggest Slot Machine Win #7 – A Veteran Luck Worth $21 Million in Vegas

There is no age limit when it comes to winning. What a sweet win for Elmer Sherwin who is a World War II and Las Vegas gambling veteran, to win twice in a slot machine.

biggest slot machine win
Who hit the biggest slot machine win twice?

On a random stop at a Vegas casino, he had won $4.6 Million on Megabucks slot. He was 80-years old back then. He used his winnings to travel the world. As a slots lover he is, he came back to the casino after 12 years. Then, spun the same slot machine. He again won an overwhelming $21,147,947. While he spends his first winning on a world tour, he donates a large portion of his second winnings. Sherwin helps the victim of Hurricane Katrina.

Do you want to know what slot machines win the most?

Well, it choosing slot machine titles, it must have various features that can give big chances to win. Even if you are playing a progressive slot, you can win big by choosing a slots game that offers:

  • Free Credit or spins
  • Multipliers
  • Bonus Round

With these added features, you have a better chance of landing a big win. You will never know, you might be the next biggest slot machine winner.

Huge Slot Machine Wins #6 – Random Visit Then Take Home $21 Million

A random visit to Caesar Casino in Las Vegas indeed changes the life of an anonymous business consultant. He had won a prize worth $21,346,952 by betting only $10. Megabucks slot is indeed a slot machine that paid out the most. He is indeed lucky if the rumors are true that he got his $21 M on his very first spin.

Biggest Casino Wins #5 – Restless Paying Machine: Megabucks and $22 Million

Megabucks surely don’t know when to rest from giving out lucrative jackpots. In 2002, Johanna Huendl (74 years old) won the amazing jackpot of $22,618,156 from spinning the reels of Megabucks slot in the early morning.

Megabucks and $22 Million
Biggest Slot Machine Win: Megabucks and $22 Million

For some people they eat egg and bread, well, Johanna is counting millions as her breakfast. She was about to get some breakfast when she decided to give her favorite slot a spin.

What a detour, right?

A $22 Million is much more appetizing than some croissants and eggs. On top of this, her winnings is consider the fourth biggest slot machine win in the history of Las Vegas.

Lucky Spin #4 – Poker Player Spin the Reels for 25 Cents and Win $24 Million

Whoever said that poker is for poker players only? Moreover, slot machines are for slot players alone. No one, right?

What happens when a poker player tries to spin the reels?

How lucky is the Finnish poker player who bets a 25-cent into the Mega Fortune Slot? Well, it will turn $24 Million, I guess. The lucky player got fortunate with a Mega Fortune’s bonus feature and won the jackpot from a Scandinavian Online casino.

Biggest Casino Wins #3 – When Accidents Gets You $27.5 Million

What a sweet mistake for a retired flight attendant to win $27.5 million. Instead of $100, she accidentally bet $300 on a Megabucks Slot at Palace Station. They say that this mysterious winner had already won $700,000 on the Wheel of Fortune slot.

Although the identity of the winner is still unknown, her story is still talking about in this casino.

Are you lucky when you accidentally hit big slot machine?
Are you lucky when you accidentally hit big slot machine?

Huge Slot Machine Wins #2 – The Tale of Megabucks Curse with a $35 Million Winnings

Cursed or not but Megabucks slot continues to pay out huge winnings. Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who is a cocktail waitress won a whopping $34.9 million at Megabucks slot. She is one of the highest Megabucks jackpot winners in history.

Although Cynthia won this biggest slot machine win, it seems that she did not get to enjoy it.

Just a month after winning the jackpot, she was involved in horrific car accidents. She went into a coma while her sister died on the spot. It was saddening because she was paralyzed from the chest down. She says that she would rather exchange his million just to get her old life back. Sadly, we cannot turn back the time as much as we want.

This is the reason why Megabucks has earned a bad reputation. As there are other claims that, the other Megabucks winners’ have been involved in unfortunate accidents as well.

The Biggest Slot Machine Win of All Time #1 – $39 Million Win

The lucky winner of the biggest slot machine jackpot is a software engineer from LA.

What is the world record slot jackpot hits?

The World record slot jackpot in gaming history is $39,713,982.25. Overwhelming, right? It was won on March 21, 2003, on a Megabucks(R) machine at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. The winner is a 25-year-old software engineer from LA.

biggest slot machine win
What is the world record slot jackpot hits?

According to the lucky winner, he had played about $100 on the machine when he turned his head away from the machine for an instant. Then, when he looked at the slot machine gain, the winning symbols are already lined up. It was indeed a lucky day for him as he scooped the whopping $39M jackpot.

Biggest Slot Machine FAQs:

Does anyone ever win a big jackpot on the slot machine?

Yes. The list above is proof that people can indeed win the staggering jackpot. Although the majority of slot players lose, some people got lucky – not once but twice. Aside from that, some people also win a few dollars on slots. Although, only a few hit the biggest slot machine jackpot.

Is it possible to win the jackpot and you cannot claim it?

Yes, it is possible, especially in a trusted Singapore online casino. When you have violated the max bet rule, you might not be able to withdraw your winnings at best online casino in Singapore. Aside from that, Katrina Bookman was not able to claim her $43,848,350.00 million of the machine malfunction. Kathrina was playing on a Sphinx slot machine at Resort World Casino in NY. Then, she receives a winning ticket worth $43,848,350.00. However, her happiness is short-lived as the greatest win of the slots was just $6500 only.

What casino has the best slot machine payouts?

As of today, the record-breaking jackpot payouts on slots have all occurred on Las Vegas casinos. To name some The Excalibur, The Freemont, and The Mirage. If you want to win the biggest slot machine jackpot, we recommend you to visit Singapore online casinos that offer a wide variety of slot games.

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