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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tips And Tricks Of The Legendary Players Of Blackjack To Win At WClub Online Casino?

Playing Blackjack games online at WClub888 Online Casino is so much fun and convenient. Aside from getting to have some fun without the need to head out, you can possibly win some money just by playing this game of chance and skills. But how can you do this when the odds are not in your favor? How are legendary players able to outsmart the casino and make lady luck smiles on them? Let’s check out the tips and tricks that legendary Blackjack players can use to win at WClubsg Online Casino Singapore.

Using The Basic Blackjack Cheat Sheet

One way to beat the casino and win in a blackjack game at WClubsg Online Casino is to familiarize yourself by using the basic strategy chart. This blackjack cheat sheet can give you an optimal way to play online blackjack at WClubsg Casino. Additionally, it will guide you on what moves to take depending on the cards you have and the dealer’s up card.

Legendary blackjack players may advise you to keep a blackjack strategy chart beside you whenever you are playing. Although looking at one may seem a bit overwhelming at first, you can quickly learn how it works by playing the demo version of a blackjack game online.

Avoid Spending Money On Insurance Bets

Although an insurance bet gives you a chance to protect your bet against the dealer’s up card – Ace, betting on it may cost you half the amount of your original bet. Legendary players often avoid placing insurance because the odds that the dealer may get a natural blackjack is 9:4. And looking at it, the odds clearly say that it is never on your side, making it a bad bet from the start. Therefore, for every four times that you win by placing an insurance bet at WClub Casino Singapore, you are more likely to have lost an even larger amount than you otherwise would have won, nine times. 

Never, Ever Split A Winning Hand

Having a pair of 10 or a total of 20 is considered a very good hand in any blackjack game. But if you decide to split then you need to get an Ace so you can improve your chances of beating the dealer. However, you only have a small chance of getting an Ace, and anything else will only give you a blackjack hand of the same or lesser value.

In some situations, card-counting experts at WClub888 Online Casino Singapore may suggest you split your pair of 10s. That is if you are counting cards and you know there are many 10s left in the blackjack shoe. In this situation, it would be sensible for you to split 10 against the dealer’s upcard of 5 or 6. 

But is it possible to count cards when playing blackjack games online? Check-out: Card Counting In Online Blackjack.

Play Games With Surrender Options

When you are playing blackjack at WClub888 Online Casino Singapore, it is best to look for games with surrender options. The surrender option gives you the opportunity to give up your current hand when you know that it is a losing hand from the start. By doing so, you can get back half the amount of your wager. One obvious reason that legendary players of blackjack at WClub888 Casino Online do this is that they can cut losses when they know that this round is not great for them.

Usually, a blackjack table with a surrender option at  WClub888 Casino has a smaller house advantage by around 0.1%. And this is very important when you are playing blackjack games online.

Final Say

Playing card games like Blackjack online can be easy but winning the game is a completely different matter. You need to learn some strategies that professional blackjack players use to win real money. If you are ready to put these tips and tricks to the test, go ahead and visit WClub888 Casino today!


At That Number Should You Stop And Never Hit At Blackjack?

Having a total of 17 and stopping from hitting another card is pretty much advisable when playing blackjack at WClubsg Casino. Additionally,  never stop at hand with a total of 11 or under. Beyond that, your next blackjack move will depend on the upcard of the dealer.

Is It Okay To Hit On Hard 16?

Well, your move depends on what is the upcard of the dealer. If he is showing a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, then it is advisable that your move is to stand on hard 16. On the contrary, you can take your chance to hit and improve your hand if the dealer has anything else.

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