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slot machine symbols

Slot machine symbols: What are the symbols on a slot machine?

Since the invention of slot machines, the slot machine symbols have truly come a long way at Singapore online casino. Moreover, maybe you are wondering why so many classic slots display the same symbols. In this article, we will find out the roots of this tradition. Likewise, why it becomes integral in the slot machine today. Moreover, we will tackle why many special symbols are appearing in the slots today at trusted online casino Singapore.

What are the types of slot machine symbols?

Nowadays, slot machines display many symbols. Besides, they are all unique in offering different types of bonus features. Here are some of the most common types of slot machine symbols and their meanings.

slot machine symbols
What are the types of slot machine symbols?

Common Slots Symbols and its meaning

Standard Reel Symbols

These symbols are the ones you see on classic slot machines. Standard reel symbols do not have any extra use. Instead, they just award-winning payouts when you score a set of matching symbols in the correct order. Moreover, these symbols are designed based on the theme of the slot games that you are playing. In video slot machines today, you can find tons of different standard reel symbols.

A common example of standard slot machine symbols:

  • Fruit-based symbols – cherries, grapes, melons, lemons, and oranges.
  • Playing card symbols – Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens.

Scatter Symbols

These slot machine symbols are different from the standard reel symbols. Here, they can give you regular winning payouts and trigger more bonus rounds.

In scatter symbols, you have to land a certain number of them on specific lines. The more scatter appears on your screen, the more winning payouts you can get. Aside from that, these symbols also award free spins and bonus rounds. But, bonus symbols trigger the bonus rounds of the slots game.

Furthermore, a scatter symbol often appears on the reels. So, every time you make a spin, you can hope to get at least one scatter symbol. Thus, your chance to win big also boosted. Moreover, scatter symbols are normally game-specific. This means that they function differently across the board. In short, some scatter symbols may sometimes just payout on a specified combination.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have many variants. Moreover, it is the type of slot machine symbol with the most effective winning payout. The Wild symbols replace any of the other symbols (except the scatter symbols) on the reels to create a winning combination. You can achieve Wild symbols by scoring in a particular manner. When you look at the scoring matching reel symbols, wilds result in big prizes at trusted online casino Singapore.

Furthermore, Wild slot machine symbols are a wild multiplier. When you achieve the specific combination, the stake is boosted by a multiplier value. As a result, it increases your chance of earning big money.

slot machine symbols
What are the different types of Wild Symbols?

Different types of Wild Symbols

  • A soaring wild symbol
  • Floating symbol
  • Expanding wild symbol
  • Spreading wild symbol
  • Duplicating wild symbol
  • Colossal wild symbol
  • Random wild symbol

Moreover, some special type of wild symbol appears on a particular reel. Thus, it can convert the entire reel into Wild symbols. Naturally, the prizes through them also boosted by bounces and leaps.

Bonus Symbols

This type of slot machines symbols is used to activate the bonus game of the slot machine. And to trigger the bonus game, it needs a particular number of bonus symbols to appear in a particular order.

Normally, you can activate a bonus game when the bonus symbols on at least three consecutive reels. Most of the time, slot machines require the symbol to be present on the first reel. However, some slots need the bonus symbol to be present on the first and fifth reel at the same time.

At times, three-reel slots only need just one bonus to triggers the bonus round.

Multiplier Symbols

These slot machine symbols are among the fewer bonus features that may receive. More so, it does exactly mean what it says on the label. Multiplier symbols do multiply your winnings. When this symbol lands on the reel together with other symbols, it can increase your payout. You can multiply your winning by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 6x times.

Stacked Slots Symbols

These are relatively found in modern slots. Stacked slot machine symbols take a larger space on the reels. Here, it increases the odds of being included in the payline.

Sticky Slots Symbols

This is also one of the new bonus features offered by modern slots. When sticky symbols appear on the reels, they remain fixed in place for several spins. You are lucky when the sticky symbol has some bonus properties on it. Let us say you have sticky wilds and sticky scatters. Then, this gives you an extra spin to land the other necessary spins.

However, because it gives too much advantage to the player, sticky symbols are placed towards the end of the reels. Therefore, getting a sticky symbol is harder to get.

Slot machine icons and their meaning

Aside from the symbol of the slot, the slot icons also represent a vital role. And these are the branding behind the slot machines.

The details in the icon tell a lot about the game.

  • Image
  • Names
  • Colors
  • Animation
  • Characteristics
  • Text styles

You may think that this is very trivial, but a lot of careful design goes into making this icon. Moreover, all these details are important when you are targeting a specific type of player.

Why do slot machines say “Bar” on their reels?

In 1907, Industry Novelty Co manufactured the Bell Fruit Gum slot machines. In their slot machines, you will find apple, cherry, melon, orange, and bar symbols. However, these slot machines do not give out real money to follow the anti-gambling laws of that time. Instead, the pay-out is in the form of fruit-flavored gum. In 1910, Mills Novelty Company added the photograph of chewing gum pack together with the fruit reel symbols. Soon after that, this chewing gum pack is replaced with the iconic BAR symbols you see today.

slot machine symbols
Why do slot machines say “Bar” on their reels?

How many symbols on a slot machine reel?

In a classic 3-reel slots composition, it usually has 20 reels per reel. Therefore, the total symbol in a slot machine is 60 symbols. In addition, this composition can have over 8,000 combinations and one of them is usually the jackpot.

In modern slot machines, the number of reels and symbols depends on the type of slot games. The probability of becoming the winner no longer determines the exact odds of winning. Instead, the matching combination of modern slots depends on the complex RNG modules.

Slot Machine Symbols FAQs:

What kind of types of slot symbols exists?

Typically, slot machines have money and special feature symbols. Nowadays, you can find a card value of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten on a slot machine. For the themed slot machine, you can find picture symbols that are specific to that game only. Furthermore, wilds and scatter symbols often found in slot machines.

What is the oldest slot machine symbol?

The oldest slot machine symbols are diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, spades, and a bell. Any of these slot machine symbols are considered the oldest. Even so, they are all the symbols you can find in classic slot machines. Moreover, Charles Fey invented this slot machine in 1985.

What are the best symbols that you should watch for in slots?

The highest paying symbols are the best symbols in slot machines. Scatter symbols pay the highest in a large percentage of slot machines. Thus, scatter symbols are the best slot machine symbols.