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RTP Play: How to Find RTP on Slots?

What is RTP? Will RTP play helps you to win the jackpot at the top online casino in Singapore? Playing a slot machine does not need special skills. All you have to do is select a slot game you want to play, spin the button, and wait for the results.

Aside from it is easy to play; the theme and features offered by slot games attract many players, too. But for die-hard slot players, the slot machines’ RTP is one of the determining factors whether they will play the game or not.

When it comes to attracting players to play slots, it all boils down to whether the machine can provide them what they want. As such, many players now are looking for slot machines with a high RTP. However, what is RTP in slots exactly? Will it be beneficial for the long run? Let us find out if RTP play will help you boost your odds in playing slot machines. Moreover, we will teach you how to find RTP on slots.

RTP PLAY: What is RTP in slots?

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. Moreover, it is a measure of how much a slot machine pays back to its players for each unit wagered over time. Usually, the RTP is expressed as a percentage. Thus, the higher the percentage a slot machine has, then the more often the player can win over a longer time.

What does RTP stand for?

So, if you see a slot machine with 96% RTP. Theoretically, it means the machine will give back $96 for every $100 that goes into it. Moreover, they will be deducting the house edge of the slot machine’s RTP from 100%. For this example, the slots’ RTP is 96%. Then, the house edge would be 4% respectively. This $4 is the money the live casino makes from players wagering.

Oftentimes, slot players are gravitating towards slot machines with high RTP. This is because it promises better return value. However, even if you are winning the house will always win in the end.

Will the slot machine’s RTP guarantees your winnings?

No. The RTP slots do not tell how often you are likely to win. Let us say two slot games both have an RTP of 95%. We can say that Slot A might pay out more frequently. However, it only gives smaller amounts. Then, Slot B pays out less frequently, but it gives off higher amounts.

Why RTP is important in a slot machine?

The slot machines’ RTP plays an important role in attracting prospective slot players. After all, you will also choose a slot game that pays out 96% over a slot title that pays 91% RTP, is it true?

For an irregular player, RTP is not just important. They prepared to play slot machines based on the aesthetic, theme, and feature of the game. Thus, they will not bother calculating which slot game offers the highest payback percentage. However, for die-hard slot players, RTP is a very critical factor in determining which slot game to play.

RTP PLAY: How does it work?

Remember that Random Number Generators (RNG) determines the winning combination. Thus, RTP meaning in a slot machine is a theoretical statistical calculation only. This means RTP is only an average estimation. Therefore, you should not consider it as fully guaranteed that you will win every time you spin the reel.

How does Return to Player percentage work?
How does Return to Player percentage work?

Moreover, the declared RTP percentage that you will find in a slot machine would not be applied for the large random wins or losses. The casino RTP is based on real people placing a bet on Singapore online casino games. Moreover, it only provides the average estimate for a particular game.

To simply put, RTP ensures that players will not be able to know in advance when they will win or lose. Hence, the RNG ensures that all players have equal chances of winning every time they spin the reel.

How to calculate RTP slots?

Calculating the RTP slots is very easy for players. So, if you want to know how much you will earn from all the bets you made in a long run, here is the formula.

RTP = Total amount returned to players/ total amount gambled by the players

*The total amount RTP can be viewed as the net amount that the player wins around. Generally, this is based on the slot machine’s paytable.

*The total amount gambled by the players is the sum of the first bet on each round. And it is over the auditing period of a particular slot game. Generally, this is computed in one calendar month.

For an instance, slot machine A pays out $9,500, while the total amount gambled by the players is $10,000. Then, this will yield us to the answer of 0.95. RTP is represented as a percentage. In this case, we now know that Slot machine A has a 95% RTP.

RTP percentage is usually computed over a minimum play of 1 million spins. Oftentimes, the Singapore online casino calculates it over a higher number of spins.

This is very important to note because the last point is tied to the variance of a slot machine.

Furthermore, if a game offers multiple paylines and advanced features, the computation is more complex. Do keep in mind that slot machines programs to give back the percentage of the total money that goes into it.

What does RTP mean in a slot machine?

RTM in slot machines means that the machine wins an RTP of 95% is programmed to keep 5% of all the money you wager in it. This 5% is the Singapore online casino’s profit for that game. This may be a low income. However, when you consider the number of money people spend in each unit, this small figure will build up over time.

Does the slots’ variance influence the RTP? – RTP PLAY

Also called volatility or hit frequency. Another tip when you are choosing a slot machine is the variance of the game. Most players believe that the slot’s hit frequency gives them a better insight into when and how a slot machine is going to payout.

The variance of slots is a statistic used by players when trying to predict the likelihood that the machine will payout. The volatility of a slot represented as:

  • Low variance slot – this slot machine pays out more often. However, it normally awards small wins only.
  • Medium variance slot – this slot machine lies between the two variations. Thus, the winnings are dispensed in moderation when it comes to intensity and size.
  • High variance slot – this slot pays out less often. However, the winnings are usually bigger. Moreover, you can get large amounts through bonus features as well as infrequent jackpots.
What are the slot machines that have higher Return To Player percentage?
What are the slot machines that have higher Return To Player percentage?

RTP PLAY: Highest RTP slot machines This Year 2021

  • Ugga Bugga – Powered by Playtech. It has 99.07% RTP.
  • Mega Joker – Powered by NetEnt with 99% RTP.
  • Ooh, Aah Dracula – Developed by Barcrest with 99% RTP.
  • Jackpot 6000 – Developed by Netent with an RTP of 98.8%.
  • The Catfather – Powered by Pragmatic Play with RTP of 98.10%.
  • Chess Mate – With 98.7% PRT, relatively unknown developer.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas – Has an RTP of 98.6%, developed by Thunderkick.
  • Monopoly on the Money – With up to 98.1% RTP, powered by Barcrest.
  • Blood Suckers – Has a 98% RTP, powered by NetEnt.
  • Jokerizer – Powered by Yggdrasil, the slot machine has a 98% RTP.
  • Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix – Developed by Barcrest with a 98% RTP.
  • Starmania – Has an RTP of 97.87%, powered by NextGen.
  • Kings of Chicago – Developed by NetEnt with an RTP of 97.8%.
  • Devil’s Delight – Another NetEnt highest RTP slot machine. The game has 97.6% RTP.
  • White Rabbit Megaways – Highest RTP slots from Big Time Gaming. The game has an RTP of 97.77%

RTP Play FAQs:

How to find RTP on slots online?

If you are wondering how to find RTP on slots, you can simply calculate it by taking the total amount returned to players. Then, you will divided it by the total amount gambled by the players.

What is the RTP percentage in a slot machine?

The RTP percentage (RTP %) is the expected percentage of wagers that a slot game will return to the player in the end. Additionally, you can calculate it through a theoretical or simulated approach.

What is a good Return to Player (RTP)?

Now that you know what RTP is, determining a good RTP is vital to increase your odds of winning. Well, usually slot machines’ RTP varies from 94% to 99%. Then, you need to target slot games that have more than 96% RTP. Slot machines with high RTP percentages are good RTP.