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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Online Casino Bonus Hunting – Casino Guide

Online Casino Bonus Hunting – Casino Guide

Do you want to have some extra funds to stake in a Singapore online casino? If so, then you need to take advantage of the massive welcome bonus given by the top online casino in Singapore. Online casino bonus hunting, what is it and how does it work? In this article, we will guide you on how to take a free bonus casino.

What is bonus hunting?

Singapore online casinos offer enticing welcome bonuses to attract players to their websites. These bonuses not only attracts new player but also attracts advantage players on their site. Bonus hunting is the activity of casino players who tries to make a profit by claiming different types of bonuses.

What is bonus hunting?
What is bonus hunting?

Who is the bonus hunter?

bonus hunter is a person who intentionally targets and exploits casino promotions. Moreover, they are searching for sign-up promotions and other casino deals. More specifically, they are hunting for the most generous online bonus casino. Of course, it should have excellent terms as well as low wagering requirements. Therefore, they can get money from the casino without investing their funds.

Back in the day, bonus hunting is very easy to accomplish. However, online casinos Singapore become aware of this activity. That is why they implemented strict wagering requirements.

Why do online casinos offer casino bonuses?

The online casino in Singapore offers an online casino bonus to encourage its players to play more. There are different online bonus casino promotions. This includes:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • VIP/Loyalty bonus
  • Comp Points
  • Free spins
  • Reload bonuses and other more

All these casino promotions aim to attract new players as well as motivate existing ones. In addition, it motivates you to deposit more. For instance, reload bonuses gives you a chance to claim extra bonuses by funding your bankroll.

Can you make money out of casino bonuses?

Can you make money from online casino bonus hunting?
Can you make money from online casino bonus hunting?

Yes, you can make money from Singapore online casinos with bonuses and free money. However, it can be risky at the same time. It is because if you are caught bagging a bonus, you cannot withdraw money from your account. Worst, your account might get banned from that gambling website. However, it does not mean that online casino bonus hunting is not worth it.

Bonus hunter calls this notion EV or expected value. They are using math to calculate how much money they will make on average from a specific bonus. Because of variance, online casino bonus hunting is not risk-free.

Although there are times you can earn a slightly different amount, over time, it averages to the expected value.

Online Casino Bonus Hunting: How does it work?

The concept of online casino bonus hunting is much simple. Here are the rules of thumb when hunting online casinos with bonuses and free money.

  1. Hunt only cashable online bonus casino promotions.
  2. If the casino has wagering requirements, choose only 35x wagering requirements or much lower.
  3. Only wager on slot games that has 97% RTP or higher. On the other hand, if you want to wager on Video Poker or Blackjack, make sure the games contribute to the playthrough requirements. Usually, these table games only contribute 10% to the wagering requirements.
  4. Also, do not place a bet about the 1% of your deposit. Besides, making high bets only increases the volatility and the other way around. So, we recommended only stakes 0.2% to 0.5% of your deposit amount.
  5. Withdraw your winnings immediately the moment you have fulfilled the playthrough requirements.

Claim Bonus Casino: How to find the best bonus deals and casino offers online?

As mentioned earlier, online casino bonus hunting is not in the gambling itself. Instead, it has something to do with searching for the most appropriate bonus offers to earn money. Also, check the reputation of those gambling sites.

How to find the best bonus deals and casino offers online?
How to find the best bonus deals and casino offers online?
  • First, select a trusted online casino. Keep away from casinos using questionable gaming software. Moreover, stay away from gambling sites that only use one software provider. Furthermore, check the trust rating numbers of the website.
  • Next, select a potentially profitable casino welcome and deposit bonuses. Also, check if the casino fits the payment method you preferred.
  • Then, filter out the best online bonus casino offerings, of course, with low wagering requirements. These bonuses with low wagering requirements are the profitable bonus that you should hunt.
  • Even if it is a no wager no deposit bonus, still read the terms and conditions attached to that bonus. If the T’s and C’s are okay, then you can now register an account to claim your bonus. Also, do not forget to verify your account. This is very important so that the casino would not suspect that you are only after claiming the bonus.
  • Afterward, make an initial deposit to claim your deposit bonus. If you have more than five accounts in different casinos, then you can easily grow your bankroll because you will receive many reload bonus offers.

Take Free Bonus Casino: Cashable Bonus VS. Sticky Bonus

An online casino offers a sticky bonus that you can use to play. However, you cannot withdraw the amount of these bonuses. It means that you are only receiving free money that you can use to play with.

Nevertheless, once you have completed the wagering requirements, you can only withdraw the winnings incurred using the sticky bonus. Therefore, you cannot take this free bonus casino from your account. In addition, the casino will remove you from your account once you make a withdrawal.

However, sticky online bonus casino offers have negative EVs. Although they are good if you want to extend your playtime, still, you cannot convert it into real cash. That is why you should hunt for a cashable bonus.


It is because the amount of cashable bonus will effectively become part of your bankroll. After you have met the rollover requirements, anything left from the cashable bonus can be cashed out.

Hunting Online Casinos with Bonuses and Free Money

Nowadays, hunting online casinos that offer bonuses and free money is different from yesterday. Generally, online casinos do not offer bonuses that can be easily cleared with profit. Thus, it is more complicated to make money out of casino bonuses.

Bonus whoring nowadays is based on high volatility. It also requires a big bankroll wherein you must be willing to spend a lot of time to overcome your losing streak. Still, you can hunt bonus and it works like this:

  1. First, make an initial deposit and claim the bonus casino offered.
  2. Next, start playing aggressively. Also, you can choose online slot games with high variance. Then, play until you have hit something big or until you lose everything.
  3. In case you have lost everything, then move on and hunt bonuses to other casinos. If you win, then continue playing until you meet the wagering requirements of your casino bonus. After that, cash out all your winnings.
  4. In order to make a profit, you have to repeat this strategy a couple of times. Notably, making money out of your online bonus casino perks is pure luck as well. Sometimes, you can win big and earn money while other times it can be a losing streak.

Online Casino Bonus Hunting: Is it Worth It?

What is your goal in hunting online casinos with bonuses and free money? Is it to make risk-free money?

What is your goal from hunting online casinos with bonuses and free money?
What is your goal in hunting online casinos with bonuses and free money?

If so, then it is not worth it.

However, if your goal is to have extra money to increase your bankroll, then yes it is worth it. You can also claim bonus casino offerings and promotions to extend your playtime. Moreover, free casino chips can help increase your overall chance of winning as well.

If you are doing online casino bonus hunting, you must know which bonus offers the best value. Sometimes, the biggest offers are not always the best. Likewise, some bonuses are simply not worth claiming if the wagering requirements are too high.

Online Casino Bonus Hunting FAQs:

Why do online casinos give free spins?

Free spins are one of the most common bonuses online casino offers. Online casinos give out free spins and other casino bonuses as a marketing tool. It can attract new players and motivates the existing ones.

What are free spins casino bonuses?

You can use the free spins casino bonus to test the game first without wagering real money. Usually, these free spins are associated with specific slot games. In addition, it works the same when you spin the reel with real cash.

What type of online casino bonus is best for new gamblers?

As a new player, you will receive a welcome bonus by creating an account and making a deposit to the casino site. In addition, this bonus is best in terms of amount and matching rate.

What are the things to avoid from online casino bonus hunting?

In online casino bonus hunting, you must first verify your account before making the initial deposit. By doing so, you will be much safer when you make a withdrawal.

Also, do not register multiple accounts with different personal details from one IP address. Moreover, avoid registering in the same online casino several times. Ideally, we recommend that you use a virtual machine so that you can change the MAC address and name of your computer.

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