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Friday, June 21, 2024
Lottery Winner Stories: Lucky People and Strange Circumstances

Lottery Winner Stories: Lucky People and Strange Circumstances

Every people has been fantasizing about becoming a lottery winner. Even a hundred thousand dollar winnings may drastically transform your life when you invested it wisely and properly. Notably, certain people are born with an incredible degree of luck. They manage to win not only a seven-figure jackpot but the jackpot that everyone has been dreaming of. Thus, some lottery winner stories follow a predictable pattern.

First, they purchased a ticket and turn out to be the winning one. Then, they will collect the winnings and retire from their job early. However, this is not completely always the case. There are such extraordinary circumstances and results that are hard to believe become true. In this article, we will look at a handful of these successful lottery winners with unfortunate circumstances.

What Are Your Chances of Winning the Lottery in the First Place?

Before we get into the main issue and some of the bizarre lottery winner stories, let’s have a little fun. The people on this list have been very lucky when it comes to winning the lottery at the best online casino Singapore.

What are the most amazing lottery winner stories of all time?
What are the most amazing lottery winner stories of all time?

In fact, in a game like Powerball, the chances of having all the numbers correct are around 1 in 292 million. Charles Jackson was one of these lottery winners. All thanks to his fortune cookie luck. To put things in perspective, we compiled a list of bizarre events that are more likely to occur in your life than winning the Powerball mega-million jackpot.

Unusual Circumstances Odds
Get struck by lightning 1-in-15000
Suffer and die in a Plane Crash 1-in-188000
Being a Mother to Conjointed Twins 1-in-200000
Being Killed by a Meteorite 1-in-700000
Getting Killed by a Shark 1-in-3.7 million
Dying from Hot Tap Water 1-in-5 million
Getting Killed by a Vending Machine 1-in-112 million

Imagine the tremendous amount of luck you will need to hit it. The good news is that no one can accurately assess one’s luck. Thus, you will never know if you’ll be able to win the biggest lottery jackpots with just one single ticket buyer or if you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, some people will never be able to manage it in their lifetime. However, if you wish to try your luck, you can play the best online lottery in Singapore.

Outrageous Stories Of Lottery Winners

It’s not like you’re going to the top online scratchcards site and winning the highest jackpot available at top online casino Singapore.

We’re not going to try to rank them from most absurd to least absurd. Their stories are all well worth your time. Moreover, they will show you that, despite all odds, you never know what fate has in store for you. On top of that, it can happen in the most bizarre and difficult-to-believe shapes and forms.

Frane Selak – Blessed and Jinxed Lottery Winner Stories

Many say that even an entire film would not do credit to the now 90-year-old Croatian’s “adventurous” life. It is because he has experienced so much hardship and fortune at the same time. Frane has averted death seven times, according to reports and Frane himself. Thus, it happens in the most bizarre settings that many will consider their worst nightmares. Take a look at the following list:

  • 1962 – His train had derailed. Then, plunge him into an ice river. Frane survived despite the deaths of 17 others.
  • 1963 – The plane’s back door was blown open and he was swept out of the plane. Even though 19 people died, he managed to survive by landing in a haystack.
  • 1966 – He is riding a bus when it suddenly crashed into a river. Four passengers died, but he swam to shore unharmed.
  • 1970 – Frane’s car caught fire as he was driving it, and he managed to get out just before the engine blew up.
  • 1973 – His car’s air vents caught fire due to a defective gasoline pump. Frane is indeed one lucky man although his hair is fully scorching he was otherwise unhurt.
  • 1995 – Frane was hit by a moving bus while walking through Zagreb. Despite that, he only suffered minor injuries.
  • 1996 – His car plunged into a 90-meter-deep chasm after colliding with a bus in the Croatian highlands. Luckily Frane was able to jump out of his car and then grabbed a branch of the tree. Then, he stood there watching his car crashing and burn down.

It’s difficult to say which is the worst thing that happens to Frane. One thing is for sure, you will hesitate or never, ever, ever ride in a vehicle with this guy.

But why is he on this list of successful lottery winners?

Why does Frane Selak include in the list of successful lottery winners?
Why does Frane Selak include in the list of successful lottery winners?

Well, after all of his near-death experiences, he managed to win £600,000 in the local lottery in 2003. What’s more, it was his first time buying a lottery ticket according to his claims. That’s a sophisticated way of ending a string of sad events with happy endings. Since then, no additional near-death reports of new encounters with Frane, and hopefully there will never will. Perhaps, if he had tried his luck at the top slots casino sites in Singapore, he would have been even luckier.

A Brief Guide to Not Spend Your Fortune by Michael Carroll

This is one of the lottery winners’ success stories that only started this way before turning into one of the lottery winners’ failure stories. It’s a typical example of what occurs when a man becomes too wealthy and too quickly. We don’t positively mean this. The United Kingdom’s National Lottery awarded Michael Carroll a staggering £9.7 million.

Michael Carroll bought a lottery ticket with his last £4. Then, he received a sum of money that may have changed his life.

What was he going to do with all his lottery winnings?

First, Carroll altered his life. However, it is not in a positive way. For over a decade, Carroll’s riches were wasted solely on drugs, prostitutes, and bailouts.

Due to his infidelities, his pregnant wife divorced him soon after his major win. So, he began living a life that revolved solely on booze-infused party life in the company of various women and drugs on silver platters. According to reposts, he was using £2000 worth of cocaine every day. In addition, his home was known as an orgy mecca wherein, Carroll is sleeping with up to eight different girls on any given night. Furthermore, the destruction of homes, businesses, and automobiles was a regular occurrence in the life of Michael Carroll.

Is he still alive?

Today, Michael earns £10 an hour transporting logs. He is living in peace and has no sign of regrets about anything he has done or spent money on. Still, many wish that they should have won that money instead of Carroll. Just consider how these funds can be used for other things.

A Short-lived Triumph Lottery Winner Stories of Carl Atwood

The story of Carl Atwood is not particularly long. He was meant to be one of those typical lottery winner stories, where he wins, receives the money, and uses it to do something good. Unfortunately for him, fate had other plans for him. Atwood was able to win the huge jackpot of $57000 in a televised lottery game show in the state of Indiana back in 2004.

Approximately 2 hours after the show has ended, Carl got hit by a pickup truck while on his way to the grocery store. Unfortunately, he died at the local hospital a few hours later. If this isn’t a bad turn of events, we’re not sure what is.

Kevin Hatcher – Poor Decision-Making Can Be Costly Lottery Winner Stories

This is probably one of the funniest lotto stories you will ever hear. In 1995, an 18-year-old man from Kent was confronted with a life-changing dilemma. What’s more, he was unaware of it at the time.

On the one hand, he was expected to put 50p into a lottery syndicate before the next draw. At the same time, he was yearning for a beer with his pals, which needed the same outlay. Unfortunately, the beverage became more important to him. So, his friend Paul took his position and bought the lottery ticket. Luckily, Paul wins and walked away with £900,000 out of £2.7 million because of Kevin’s bad decision-making.

While the rest of the syndicate was debating which new automobile to buy and which exotic location to visit, Kevin Hatcher is still struggling to save enough money to buy a pint of beer. This is a genuinely sad turn of circumstances and one of the lottery winner horror stories.

A Multi-Million Dollar Fortune Cookie Won by Charles Jackson

This is what we refer to as an actual amazing lottery winner story that recently happen in 2019. Charles Jackson never believed that he would become filthy rich because of a fortune cookie his granddaughter received. This joyful granddad from North Carolina never imagined in his wildest dreams winning this big.

Charles Jackson’s lottery winner story is very simple. At a local Vietnamese restaurant, Charles was handed the numbers that appeared on the inside of a fortune cookie. Then, he used these numbers for his Powerball ticket and won.

He initially believed he had only won $50000. Jackson found out that he wins the jackpot, which is a staggering $344.6 million. He chose the lump-sum payout and received $233 million right away. He says that he would donate the money to charity and give it to his family. We can only imagine how he and everyone else around him have felt when they found out about his winnings. Hopefully, Charles Jackson will spend them much more wisely than Michael Carroll.

When William Post Realize That More Money Means More Problems

The final scenario we’ll discuss with you is far from a successful lotto-winner story. It is, in reality, one of the lottery-winner horror stories. William Post’s fortune began when he won a record-breaking $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988. Unfortunately, he went bankrupt barely a few months after winning the lottery. Just like Kevin Catcher, he got there because of poor decision-making skills. At the same time, horrible and greedy family members and a group of friends surround him.

What are the lottery winner horror stories that you know?
What are the lottery winner horror stories that you know?

To begin this bizarre lottery winner story, his brother hired a hitman to assassinate William and his wife. They hope to inherit William’s fortune. Meanwhile, his other siblings duped him into making poor restaurant investments. As a result, this investment cut a large portion of William’s prize money. In addition, the landlord of William Post also duped him by stealing some of his winnings. Furthermore, he was even arrested for shooting a bill collector with a gun. It’s a shame how things turned out for this man. Especially, when William has already had a difficult childhood and struggled to find his ground.

What Can We Learn From These Lottery Winners?

There are many different scenarios on how a lottery jackpot could be won. At the same time, there are also other potential consequences on one’s life from winning. In summary, it is all down to luck when it comes to winning. More importantly, it will be how you handle the enormous jackpot that will determine whether you join the already impressive list of lottery winner stories. In addition, we listed some tips that can help you put your money to good use while avoiding any risky investments.

What Will You Do If You Win the Lottery?

Find a Financial Advisor.

Finding a financial consultant is a very critical decision and should be your first step when you won a lottery jackpot. Most especially if you have no prior financial experience, you need financial advice. A financial consultant can provide you with an objective perspective on how to approach the newly acquired cash in a fair manner. Therefore, you need to always look for someone with a solid reputation and a proven track record.

Make Wise Investments – Lottery Winner Stories

Making short-term and long-term investments is a good strategy to keep your money in the bank and maybe grow it over time. However, be cautious about where are you going to put your money into.

In addition, you must seek advice from people who have a lot of knowledge of the subject. Also, look seek advice from someone who can supply you with useful information.

Travel the World – Lottery Winner Stories

Of course, when you won such a huge jackpot prize, you will think of traveling. Traveling is something that everyone should do more frequently. Such a fulfilling and educational experience may teach you a lot about how to live your life.

As the ancient cliché goes, there are so many wonderful sites and sights to explore that even a lifetime will not be enough to see them all. What better way to spend some cash than on a dream vacation with no time limit?

Build Your Own Business.

Everyone has a talent for something. Why not invest in developing your own business based on what you enjoy doing the most now that you seem to have all the money in the world? You will be surprised that there is a businessman within you. It’s quite satisfying to create your own “baby” and watch it grow. Plus, you will be able to earn more rather than wasting the money you’ve won from the lottery.

If You Win the Lottery, Don’t Do These Things:

When you suddenly become extremely wealthy from winning the lottery, it is very normal to feel lost. Oftentimes, most lottery winners become confused about where they will put all this money. Make sure you don’t travel down a path that will be tough to return from and become one of the lottery-winner horror stories.

Do not Brag – Lottery Winner Stories

As much as possible stay anonymous when you won a big prize from a lottery. Unnecessary bravado can simply draw unwelcome attention to yourself. Some people are greedy and you’d be shocked at the extremes to which they’ll go when their eyes are blinded by the cash sign.

What would you do if you hit the lottery jackpot?
What would you do if you hit the lottery jackpot?

Be Wary of Who You Give Money To.

If the examples above have taught us anything, it’s that even your most cherished family members can turn on you to get a piece of your winnings. When it comes to the “who gets what” dilemma, exercise extra caution and diligence.

Don’t waste your money on things that will make you hooked and addicted.

Just take Michael Carroll and other lottery winner stories. In the end, nothing good will come of it. Is a year-long party life filled with drinks, drugs, parties, and others worth what may perhaps be a life free of financial worries for you and your kids? Gambling is also out of the question if you tend to develop addictive behaviors.

Spend wisely – Lottery Winner Stories

Just because you have huge money, it does not excuse you to overspend. Even the wealthiest people must be prudent with their money and investments. Do not believe that budgeting is solely for the poor and middle class.

Spend wisely in terms of what you buy, how you buy it, and whom you buy it from. There is nothing wrong with us wanting to acquire stuff for ourselves and our loved ones. Just don’t overdo it. Society deceives you into believing that you require a large number of items that you do not. If you do not keep your cool, you’ll be wiped out in no time.

Can winning the lottery ruin your life?

Some say that winning the lotto is one of the surest ways to ruin your life. Not to mention the fact that your chances of winning the lotto are essentially zero. Even if you won the lotto (which is a long shot), it wouldn’t solve all of your problems.

Is there a lottery-winning strategy?

The truth is that there is probably no secret or trick to winning the lottery. However, people who have won the jackpot multiple times have mentioned that there are specific strategies that can be used to improve your chances of winning in some online live casinos in Singapore.

Lottery Winner Stories FAQs:

Is it simple to win the lottery?

Let us tell you something: winning a jackpot isn’t simple. If you believe that it is easy, well you are mistaken. The chances of winning are nil. The hot tap water in your sink is more likely to kill you than guessing the winning numbers and becoming a lucky lotto winner.

What do people usually do with their lottery jackpot winnings?

With their winning enormous jackpots, people do a variety of things. Some people use it to improve themselves, while others do not. The lottery-winning stories in this article are a great example of the benefits and drawbacks that such a prize can bring. It all boils down to one’s personality and character. Also, money can have a significant impact on both. As a result, think carefully about what you spend your money on and how you spend it.

When you win the lotto, what happens next?

When you win the lotto, you are frequently given a choice. You have the option of receiving a “lump sum” payment right away or receiving annual installments. Because of the local taxation, taking the prize straight away implies taking a smaller amount. The same is true for long-term dividends, but due to fluctuating tax rates, you may lose more money over time.

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