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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
How To Play Pok Deng On The Top Online Betting Site

How To Play Pok Deng On The Top Online Betting Site

When you go to a top online betting site, you usually have the games that you’d like to play the most. These games include roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat among others. However, other games are featured on the site that may be unique to Asians. One such game is Pok Deng, a Thai gambling card game that has made it to the top online betting site.

But what exactly is Pok Deng? How is it able to get popular enough to make its way onto the top online betting site in Singapore? We investigate this game further and discuss it in this article. 


Pok Deng is a game that originated in Thailand that is highly similar to mahjong or poker. It can be played by a large number of people in one round or could use as two players on the top online betting site. With one deck, up to 17 players could play at one time.

Pok Deng makes use of the usual Western 52 card deck that is used for top online betting site games. For the 54-card variant, the joker needs to be excluded. Even if up to 17 players are allowed to play, the recommended number of players for the game is 4-7.

Setup Of The Game Pok Deng

In this game, the players face the dealer, instead of facing the other players located at the table. The game then starts with each of the players putting the bet forward.

For the version of the top online betting site e, Pok Deng will have a minimum and maximum bet set limit. Various casinos will set various minimums and maximums which are dependent on the funds the players get to take

Card Distribution

Once the players make their bets on the top online betting site, the banker will then deal out two cards face down to every player from a fresh deck. Once the players then deal the cards, the banker will then deal themselves two cards.

What The Player Then Does

The players then in turn look at the cards and keep them, or ask for a hit on the third card. They may also ask for a third card on the deck. Once the player can stand or hit, the players may now compare their cards.

The players that elect to hit and be given one more card will then show their cards, as well as the dealer’s cards. In this phase on the top online betting site, the dealer can get one more card after they put their hands alongside the other players.

Pok Deng Scoring Phase

The players will then win or lose, depending on what their hands have. Similar to poker on the top online betting site, some melds could boost the value of a hand past its constituent parts. The hands’ score is known as “Taem”.

Comparing And Payouts

Once all the players can compare against the banker, and win or lose, the dealer then compares their cards to the remaining players. The winners on the top online betting site will get multiples of their bet, depending on what is the difference in Deng, or bet multiplier. Meanwhile, the losers will lose their bet, including the Deng multiplier.

Ending Of The Round

Once the round on the top online betting site finishes, the dealer will then get the cards and shuffle the deck before you restart the round of the game.

Rules Of Pok Deng

  • Pok Deng is played using 4-7 players and a banker, While it is possible to play the game using 17 players, this would make the cards used in each game.
  • The bets in Pok Deng are not paid out regularly as with other games on the top online betting site. Instead, the game will pay out on bets dependent on the Deng of a hand, or the multiplier linked with a meld.
  • The melds are ranked and ordered with the best melds trumping all the other melds. All the melds beating the normal hands are not melded but have a high value.
  • Players will not play opposing each other but against the dealer.

The Hands That Score In Pok Deng

There are many various factors regarding the scoring of a hand in Pok Deng on the top online betting site. These include the meld kind, the Taem, and the Deng.


Taem involves just the 1’s place of the numerical value of a hand. For instance, 17 has a Taem of 7, and 170 has a Taem of 0. The Taem is not the most significant factor for the value of a hand (this is the meld). However, some melds can’t be understood if you don’t have the concept of Taem initially.

Taem in the top online betting site pertains to the 1’s place, face-cards, and the 10s are worth 0 points, a 10 will always put 0 together to the 1’s place.


The meld type is the main determinant for comparing two hands. There would be four melds for Pok Deng in the top online betting site: let’s take a look at each of them.


Pok is the first two cards dealt naturally using a Taem of 8 or 9. This would mean a 6 and 2, a 4 and 5, a pair of 9s, and so on. As long as the pok was dealt as the initial two cards and has a Taem of 8 or 9. When one is dealt Pok, the player needs to instantly declare it on the top online betting site. Then, turn all their cards face up. As Pok is the highest meld, only a Pok that has a higher Taem could beat it.


Known through other games as a three-of-a-kind, a Tong is 3 cards having the same rank and is only makeable after the player hits on their turn. The Tong will only lose to a Pok on the top online betting site, or other Tong melds that have a higher Taem. Tong has a Deng or a bet multiplier of five.

Sam Lueang

One unique three-of-a-kind hand on the top online betting site, wherein all the face cards are included (Kings, Queens, and Jacks). This hand has a Taem of 0, but it beats the normal hands which don’t have a meld even if they have a high Taem. Meanwhile, Sam Lueang also has a Deng of three.


Deng is an important factor in determining the outcome of a hand. It is the bet multiplier and is used to compare hands at the end of the game. Let’s say a player beats the dealer with a Deng of five while the dealer has a Deng of zero. Then, the player will receive a payout of 5 times their initial bet.

To calculate the payout, Deng is subtracted by taking the winning hand minus the losing hand. Let’s say a hand with a Deng of five beats a hand with a Deng of three. Then, the winner will receive a payout of 2 times their bet, representing a Deng of 2.

Play Pok Deng On Your Online Casino Now!

Discover the thrill of Pok Deng by playing it on your favorite Singapore online casino platform. Trying out new games and exploring different ways to play for money can be an exciting experience. Let Pok Deng be your gateway to a whole new world of online betting, with top-notch gaming options available at online casinos in Singapore. Start your Pok Deng journey today at WClub and embrace the excitement!

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