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Friday, June 21, 2024
Facebook Casino Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

Facebook Casino Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

Slot machines have been more popular in both online and land-based casinos across the world. The gaming business changes through time and finds a method to fulfill the ever-changing needs of fans and experts alike. Facebook has evolved into a lot more than simply a social networking tool. What if I told you it went so far as to provide gambling-style apps? Is this your first time hearing it? If so, then come along to learn about the most popular Facebook casino games.

In the construction of the latest slot games, the outcomes of technical improvements have been fantastic. Online and mobile casinos now offer a wide range of slot machines, in addition to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Furthermore, You can now play high-quality slots on Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site.

What are Facebook casino games?

By definition, Facebook casino games are a type of social gambling game that occurs via the use of a social media platform. They are, in fact, gambling-style applications that can be downloaded through Facebook.

What are the best casino games on Facebook?
What are the best casino games on Facebook?

But how can you play these Facebook gambling games?

In contrast to actual casino products, you don’t have to use real money on these applications. Rather, you may get them using Facebook Credits. Facebook credits are virtual money that allows players to buy in-game things and services. And, because of this rule, you cannot earn real money winnings. Instead, the payout will be made in the same virtual currency as the initial deposit.

Play Facebook Games Online

With businesses like Zynga generating hundreds of millions of dollars selling virtual incentives and in-game features, Facebook gaming is indeed a huge business. Now, Facebook is beginning to offer real-money gambling in some markets. Early experiments with this technology have been observed in the United Kingdom. In addition, the corporation hopes to increase its availability in other areas over the next decade.

Games like FarmVille and MafiaWars have become more popular on social media. Even though, Facebook didn’t introduce games to its site until 2009. Those early games were a big experiment in disguise. Idle-style games are games wherein the player’s active engagement is only sometimes essential. These type of games helps in evaluating the desire of Facebook members to participate socially in gaming. The experiment was a success, as evidenced by the large number of game requests we all received in 2009.

Nowadays, Facebook games are more than idle farming. Just like console shooters, action games now share shelf space with board games, sports games, and of course gambling games. While real-money gambling is still illegal in most countries, these games seem and function like real-money games of chance and skill. Yet, you are playing these Facebook casino games with virtual money or credits instead of real money.

Listed below are five of the most famous Facebook casino game platforms. Many Facebook users log in and spend real money for virtual credits to play on this platform. The best Facebook casino games are Video poker, slots, and Blackjack, just like at top online casino Singapore.

Facebook Games List Online


With 40 million players throughout the world, Slotomania is indeed one of the most popular Facebook gambling games. There are 102 slot-style games available at Slotomania, including a dozen progressive jackpot games.

In addition, the game’s social component is prominently represented. The app displays which of your Facebook friends are already members and encourages you to send them presents or contact them regularly. Moreover, you may use Facebook’s built-in messaging software to get to know other players in the game, too. Then, connect with them outside of the game.

Aside from the 102 games stated above, the site has two extra areas, both of which may be accessed via the games lobby.

  • Sloto Cards – it is a collectible card game in which you collect cards that you buy from the site’s store. You can win also them while playing slot machines. On the other hand, your friends can also send you Sloto Cards as a gift. You can earn different awards by completing different sets of cards.
  • Sloto Classics – it has 40 classic-style slots with a single reel and simpler pay tables. However, only more experienced gamers can play Sloto Classics games. By playing games and leveling up, you get experience. In addition, you can gain access to new titles and site features when you level up.

Slotomania Facebook Games Online

With Slotomania, new members can also earn an instant casino bonus of 20,000 when they register. This concept is similar to what online casino offers to their new players. Top live casinos in Singapore offer a lucrative welcome bonus to their new players.

Meanwhile, new users are also eligible for a free pack of Sloto Cards. However, these free packs are not activated until they’ve gained some experience on the site. By clicking a button, you can now receive your coin bonus. Following that, you can now pick from one of the two games Slotomania offered to its new member. Furthermore, new games will become available as you gain experience.

Sometimes, the site will open new games for you at random, or as a reward for playing numerous days in succession. A large part of the site’s excitement for many gamers is:

  • Accessing new games and clearing the whole library of 102 titles
  • Accumulating cards
  • Giving gifts to fellow social slots lovers
What are the games offered by Slotomania?
What are the games offered by Slotomania?

Most Popular Titles of Slotomania

Ladybug Loot

As a new member, this game is one of the first two slot games that you can play. At first, Ladybug Loot may look like a complicated slot game as it features stacked wilds and bonus rounds.

Take note that Slotomanie does not usually host many games with legitimate bonus rounds and Ladybug Loot is one of them.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about stacked wilds first. The theme of the game is about the insect world featuring the venerable ladybug. In this game, the ladybug bonus is the stackable symbol. It means that you can trigger multiple wild symbols at the same time when you trigger the ladybug bonus. As a result, you can increase the size of your winnings with this ladybug bonus symbol.

If you can spin three or more of these stacked wilds on any active line, you will trigger the Ladybug bonus. However, it is not technically a bonus game because you will be picking symbols to reveal rewards. Despite that, seeing a casino-style bonus game on a social gambling app is refreshing.

Elvis – Play Facebook Games Online

From the casinos of Las Vegas and Macau up to the online live casino Singapore and social games, licensed and themed slots are popular around the world.

In terms of trademarks, Elvis from Slotomania manages to create a nice Elvis-themed game without treading on anyone’s toes. You won’t hear much of Elvis Presley’s songs on this game. However, the gemstone-encrusted jumpsuits and oiled-up bouffant hair are enough to tell you this game is made for him.

The game is entertaining and features tons of minor bits of music and animations that suit the concept. However, it still has limited repeat play value. Simply because this Facebook casino game does not offer bonus games. In addition, the highest bet range is a pitiful $20 – $120, which doesn’t provide budget-conscious gamblers much of a chance to play.

Creepy Fortunes

This is one of the slot games that you can initially access as a new player of Slotomania. Creepy Fortunes features spooky or Halloween-themed slots. It is a five-reel slot machine with three rows of symbols and thirty paylines. You can wager from $0.10 to $5 with Creepy Fortunes. Players now have a maximum stake range of $3 to $150 for every spin. The wide max bet range is our favorite feature of Creepy Fortunes. It allows you to play the game in either a prudent or aggressive manner. Still, it depends on your preferences and bankroll size.

Jackpot Party Casino

With millions of users and years in the expanding social games market, Jackpot Party Casino is truly an industry leader. Just a few years after Facebook began hosting games and gaming apps, Jackpot Party launched. They have been hosting free-to-play Facebook slots for more than half a decade. This is quite a milestone in an industry where few applications have been active for more than a month.

What are the best Facebook games offered by Jackpot Party?
What are the best Facebook games offered by Jackpot Party?

There are 82 games available at Jackpot Party Casino, eight of which include progressive jackpot-style pay tables.

On the other hand, eleven of their games are hosted at an area of the site named Fremont Street. These are old Jackpot Party games and fan favorites from years ago. Unfortunately, they are not part of Jackpot Party’s current portfolio.

Despite that, you can earn access to them by accumulating experience. Alternatively, you can pay to access these and other games on the site. Jackpot Party Casino is also offering credit packages for sale. Needless to say, this is Jackpot Party Casino’s bread and butter. When we surveyed the site for this review, we noticed at least a half-dozen popups promoting hundreds of thousands of credits for as little as $5.

Most Popular Casino Games Offered by Jackpot Party Casino

El Toreador

This is one of the initial jackpot games in Jackpot Party’s library for new users. It’s a difficult game with a high cost. First, you must play five tickets at once. In addition, you must make a large minimum wager to activate the game’s jackpots.

Only a stake of $1.4 million per spin or more would qualify you for any form of the jackpot at the time of our research. So, if you want to win a huge progressive jackpot with El Toreador, you’ll need a hefty bankroll.

Furthermore, it is not the most appealing game because of its plain-looking symbols and little or no additional features. Still, this is an excellent game for jackpot fans. Because El Toreador has numerous layers of progressive jackpots.

OMG Kittens

We had more fun playing this bizarre slot machine than we could have expected. Based on the name, we should have known it was going to be bizarre. Then again, slots targeting younger female players are all the rage in casinos these days, so we assumed it was just a novelty game.

Then again, it is one of the strangest online slots we’ve ever seen. Sure, the theme is primarily comprised of images of adorable cats doing kitten things. However, the sound effects are outlandish. It is a lot similar to an alternative rock score written by a teenage girl with a cat fetish. Despite that, the images are eye-catching, though. We don’t want to ruin your experience by rambling on for too long. Just remember that when you land enough scatter symbols (balls of yarn) to earn a bonus, they bounce and roll off the screen.

Zeus II

This slot game features a 5×5 symbol grid. From the mythological topic and emblem to the paytable style, it’s quite similar to most slot games offered at SGD online casinos. Zeus II includes a scatter symbol is an image of Zeus’ hand clutching a lightning bolt in the game.

All winnings are doubled, tripled, or quadrupled during ten free spins if you spin three or more of these symbols anywhere on the screen. But this will depend on how many triggering scatter symbols appear on the screen. If three or more Zeus symbols appear in succession, the symbol will act as a multiplier. It can increase your line wins by 3x, 4x, or 5x.

House of Fun

This is another Facebook social gaming app that focuses solely on slots. In addition to themed games like Frankenstein Rising, House of Fun has 99 slot games in the form of classic casino-style slots.

What casino games that House of Fun primarily focus on?
What casino games that House of Fun primarily focus on?

These are the least bells and frills of the three slot-exclusive gaming platforms we featured in our Facebook games list. But that doesn’t necessarily imply that House of Fun isn’t as enjoyable or that you won’t like playing on it. In the case of House of Fun, we believe it means you have fewer distractions from the app’s main focus – a large selection of free-to-play slot machines.

House of Fun is a free app that you can download, similar to the best applications of online casino Singapore. That means you can play the games on your phone, laptop, or tablet without having to download the program. If you like, you may still connect to Facebook’s social network while playing. Alternatively, you can play purely through Facebook’s Web or Mobile versions. Finally, the creators went above and above to ensure that the game was widely available.


Facebook recently stated that video and virtual reality are the site’s future. In addition, they also envision a network of personal video updates and current event video news feeds that are all seamlessly integrated into a friendly user interface. Millions of users are expected to join their virtual wallets and bank accounts to the video/VR network, according to the business. The options for game creators are endless, and so can you.

As soon as real-money gambling enters Facebook in a significant way, the competition will only get fiercer. As customers, we have nothing but nice things to look forward to in the following years from Facebook gambling games.

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