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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
casino etiquette

Casino Etiquette: How to act when playing in a casino?

So, this is your first time visiting a casino. Moreover, you are eager and excited to play. Yet, you need to know some casino etiquette. And learn how to act properly when you are gambling. So that you will not find yourself in the middle of an embarrassing situation.

When you are in a casino in Singapore, there are certain things that you should never do. So that it will not affect your gaming experience or you won’t get banned. Even regular and professional will tell you these things. Follow these casino etiquettes and you will have an enjoyable first-time experience in gambling.

casino etiquette
How to properly act when playing in a casino?


Whether you are dealing with servers, dealers, or other people you meet, show some respect. You should treat everyone with the right casino etiquette and manners. After all, you would not want your name on the blacklist of the casino because of showing rude behavior. Here is the list of proper casino behavior that you should be aware of.


Whether you win or lose, it is proper casino etiquette to tip your dealer before leaving the table. Tipping your dealer is very important. Most especially when you plan to return to the dealer’s table. Although they cannot kick you out because you do not leave a tip, do tip your dealer. No matter how big or small it is. It is a good idea to be generous to keep the atmosphere friendly and light. Whether you give a $1 every time you win or leave a $5 when you leave a table, they are both acceptable.

casino etiquette

Moreover, do tip the waiting staff and parking attendants. Most of the casino staff are minimum wage earners. Moreover, they rely on tips for extra earnings. Aside from that, always be courteous and professional with them.

casino etiquette
Do tip the dealer


There are different dress codes acceptable in different casinos. Therefore, it is best to do your research before you go. Some casinos may need you to dress up and not dress down.

At daytime, other casinos accept casual dressing. But during the night time, the gambling atmosphere transforms into classy and fancy vibes. So, always make sure to check the dress code accepted in the casino. Furthermore, some casinos accept casual dress codes. Although wearing flip-flops, sneakers, torn clothing, shorts, or t-shirts is not acceptable. Meanwhile, when you play at online casino in Singapore, you don’t have to worry of dressing up. You can wear casually while playing at top Singapore online casino anytime and anywhere.


As a beginner, it is the best casino etiquette to know and understand the rules of the game. Although some dealers and players will patiently explain to you the rules. Still, it is best to have some knowledge. It will make your first-time experience more fun and enjoyable. Because you do not have to worry about your next move.

Moreover, if you do not understand the rules of Craps, it is best to avoid the craps table. Although others may take pity on you and help, you should not be reliant on this scenario. Craps is a bit complex to play, so take advantage of the free lessons offered by many casinos in the daytime.


Do give your dealer neat stacks of chips when you are ready to cash out. In addition, let them count and change the chips in. Most of the time, dealers prepare to trade in similar denominations for big ones. Also, ensure to exchange your chips between hands only. Moreover, never do it during the play.

More so, when you want to leave the table, you need to cash out. Alternatively, show the dealer that you want to leave by waiting for the end of the game. Do this when they are less distracted.

NOTE: When changing chips, do not give money to the dealer. Instead, you should put it on the table. The dealer will catch sight of it and take it. Then, he will hand you down your respective number of chips.

casino etiquette
Do cash out with big denominations


Hand signals are used in some casino games like Blackjack. This helps in showing how you want to play your cards. That is why you need to learn these hand signals by heart.

There are times that verbal instructions are not enough in table games. In Blackjack tables, talking is a touchy subject. Because you will distract the other players or the dealer. Aside from that, it will be inconvenient and frustrating when the dealer has to repeatedly explain them to you. Here are some of the commonly used hand signals in casino table games.

Hand signals when dealing cards that are face-up:

  • Tap the Table when you want to hit.
  • Wave your hand, palm open, and parallel to the table. This is a hand signal when you want to stand.
  • Place your matching bet next to your original bet. And never on top of it. Do this when you want to make a double or split.
  • Do you have two fives or two fours? When doubling, hold up one finger. When splitting, then hold up two fingers.
casino etiquette
Do know your hand signals

Hand signals when dealing cards that are face down:

  • When you want to hit, then lightly scrape the corner of the cards against the felt.
  • If you want to stand, then slide your cards under your bet. But, do not lift your chips in the process.
  • Just above your bet, you can place your cards face-up on the table. Afterward, place your matching bet next to your original bet. This is what you should do when you want to double or split. Do you have two fours or two fives? If you are doubling, you should hold up one finger. Likewise, when you want to split, then hold up your two fingers.


After a heavy loss, it is reasonable to feel aggravated. Nevertheless, losing or running of bad luck is an inevitable part of gambling. Do not be a rude and sour loser. Accusing that the game is rigged or the dealer is cheating is extremely a big no-no behavior.

No matter how loud you grumble it will not alter the result that you are defeated. More so, non-verbal reactions will only make you a bad loser. Do not ever throw cards or storm away from the table. Or worsts, you might end up being an unwelcome guest at the casino.

Instead of showing rudeness, be gracious when defeated. If you have enough lost streak and want to leave the table, thank and tip your dealer. Then, graciously excuse yourself from the table. Also, take a long walk inside the casino to burn up your frustrations from being defeated.



Using your phone in the middle of the game is distracting and rude. That is why, when you are playing, it is proper casino etiquette to turn off your phone. Alternatively, you should put them away and do not place them on the table.

Expecting an important call and afraid you would miss it? Step away. No one likes to be distracted and wait time between hands. Do not be afraid to leave your chips unattended. Your chips are safe. The dealer will watch them for you.


Asking advice from the dealer is not a way to go. That is why you must understand the rules of the game. Asking tips and advice will only put the dealer into an awkward situation. Simply because their advice will not guarantee an automatic win. More so, it will be awkward for the both of you if you follow their advice and you lose. Proper casino etiquette is to make your own decisions. Moreover, learn how to deal with the outcome – win or lose.


You are in a casino to play and enjoy. Moreover, hardcore drinking is not fun for the other players at the table. Drinks are readily available in casinos. Still, casinos would want their customer to stay sober enough to handle their wins and losses. You can take a few cocktails to enhance your gaming experience. Nevertheless, do not get sloppy drunk. Always drink responsibly while playing. This tip is applicable as well when you are playing at top online casino Singapore.

casino etiquette
Do not get sloppy drunk


Every casino has many different rules when handling cards. To avoid being scolded, you need to learn how to not break the casino card etiquette.

  1. You should touch your cards with one hand only when dealing with cards that are face down. Also, be gentle with handling your cards. Make sure that you do not bend them. Besides, treat your card as precious and do not use them as coasters for your drinks.
  2. Moreover, when the cards are dealt face-up, never touch your cards. It will save you from humiliation.

Casino Etiquette Slots

Playing in slot machines also requires proper behavior. There is still casino etiquette for slots that you must follow.

Let us say, before you sit in an empty machine, check if somebody is holding it up. Many slot players place a hold on their slot machines while taking a short break. Therefore, it is best if the machine is pre-occupied or not.

More so, if you are the one who takes a break, make sure to not hold the machine for more than 15 minutes. Do not leave your credits unattended. No dealer will watch it for you.

During peak hours, do not play many slot machines at once. It is unfair for other players who want to play.

Casino Etiquette FAQs:

Do you need to tip when you win a jackpot?

Tipping is a proper casino etiquette. Although there are no set amounts for tips, most players give somewhere between 0.5% and 1% of the jackpot.

What to know before going to a casino?

There are many things that you should know when you visit a casino. Most especially if this will going to be your first time. You should observe the proper casino etiquette at all times. More so, find out the specific house rules of the casino.

Can I save/hold a slot machine?

Yes, of course, most especially if you are taking a break. Nevertheless, try not to hold your sit for more than 15 minutes. Moreover, before you sit down, make sure that no one is using/holding the slots. Before you hold a machine, check the slot attendant for any specific house rules about holds.

Can I touch my chips?

Once the dealer calls NO MORE BETS, then you are not allowed to touch your chips any longer. Not until the play on the hand is completed. Your initial bet must stay untouched until it wins, loses, or ties. Other than that, you cannot hold them.

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