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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
casino blackjack etiquette

Casino Blackjack Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts at a Blackjack Table

Blackjack is no doubt one of the most exciting table games in a casino. The game is very entertaining and easy to learn. Of course, you should hone your strategy and learn the practical details of the game. Therefore, you know how to beat the odds. Moreover, you should also know the Singapore online casino Blackjack etiquette. For the reason that, this game has many fast and hard rules which you should abide by.

casino blackjack etiquette
What should you do around the Blackjack table?

Moreover, some particular rules and regulations govern the Blackjack table. Aside from that, there are also unspoken rules and less well-known statutes that you should be aware of.

If you don’t, then, you are risking losing your money. Or worst, you might even get kicked out of the casino premise. Many players happen to cross these rules the hard way. Moreover, you don’t want it to happen to you right? So, before you dive into playing this game, make sure you are aware of this Blackjack etiquette first.

To help you, here are the things that you should never do or say while sitting around at a Blackjack table.

Blackjack Rules Casino Etiquette: Do’s

Casino Blackjack Etiquette #1. Do Learn the Basic Strategy.

By far, learning the basics of Blackjack is the most important thing that you should do. Thus, it will help you increase your chance of winning as well as help you lose less money. Even though the game has a very low house edge, you should know how to play with the right strategy. So, you can extend your time of playing with minimal losses.

Do not regret spending a few hours learning the basic strategy chart. Of course, don’t forget to learn the basic Blackjack etiquette as well. It will help you in the long run. Feel free to play Blackjack at top online casino in Singapore.

casino blackjack etiquette
Why you should know the casino Blackjack etiquette?

Blackjack Etiquette #2. Do Be Nice to Blackjack Dealers and Staff.

Learn to be nice to the people inside a casino. Not just at a Blackjack table, but to all the people you come across inside a casino. You will never know, these people can help you in one way or another.

The Blackjack dealer can help you when you have a question about the proper strategy. In most casino venues, the dealer is allowed to tell you the correct Blackjack casino strategy.

Additionally, the casino supervisor can also help you get a drink service. More so, they can give you a better rating when you are finished playing. Plus, they can guide you to the entertainment choices and good food as well.

Blackjack Table Etiquette #3. Do Tip the Dealer Occasionally.

Although this is not mandatory, tipping the dealer does two things. First, you should be aware that dealers make minimum wage. So, if you are being lucky and winning, occasionally, do give them a tip. It’ll surely help them big time.

Secondly, tipping can also get you a better service. More so, you can get the benefit of the doubt if you make a mistake around the Blackjack table.

Needless to say, it is human nature to take good care of someone who is taking care of you right? So be generous, even if you are having a bad night losing. A small tip will make a difference.

Casino Blackjack Etiquette #4. Do Use Hand Signals While Playing Blackjack.

Unlike other casino games that players are loud, Blackjack is a very serious and visual game. Not to mention, that players need to concentrate on their cards. You can use a hand signal for your decision and do not say it. Signal your decision to indicate to the dealer whether you want to stand or hit.

What are the Basic Hand Signals in a Blackjack table?

Saying your decision is not enough, the dealer needs to see you make the signal. As a beginner, the dealer will show you the required hand signal when sitting at a Blackjack table. Alternatively, you can watch a hand as it is being played out.

Hitting. If you want to hit, you can make a simple gesture similar to the “come here” hand gesture. Some players make a simple tap on the table next to their card. In case you are playing a “FACE DOWN“, you need to make a slight scratching motion over the table using your cards.

Stand. Alternatively, if you want to stand, simply wave your hand. Then, palm down over your cards. For “FACE DOWN“, you need to slide your cards under your original bet.

Double Down. If you want to double down, you need to be vocal about your intent. You can straightly say to the dealer “DOUBLE DOWN“. Then, double your bet.

Split. Same with doubling down, you need to say your intention to the dealer.

Surrendering. This Blackjack action needs to vocalized your intention together with a hand gesture. If you would like to surrender, say “SURRENDER” then, draw an imaginary line that spans from your cards. Although players rarely do the hand gesture for this action, because they feel that, it is redundant.

So much easy, right?

That’s how intuitive the Blackjack game is, so you won’t have a hard time learning the Blackjack etiquette.

casino blackjack etiquette
What are the Basic Hand Signals in a Blackjack table?

Casino Blackjack Etiquette: The Don’ts

Blackjack Etiquette #5. Don’t Hand Your Money To The Dealer.

In a land-based casino, the overhead camera must be able to see all the cash transactions. Not to mention that dealers are not allowed to accept hand-to-hand cash transactions.

A rule in casino Blackjack etiquette, the money should always go on the table.

Do you want to purchase chips?

Wait until a hand is over and the dealer has picked up all the cards on the table. Then, place your money towards the dealer. After that, the dealer will spread out your money to count it. Also, they do this so that the cameras can see it too.

Casino Blackjack Etiquette #6. Don’t Hold Your Cards With Both Hands.

Do not hold your cards with two hands particularly when the cards are pitched to you and dealt face down. Instead, you must pick the cards up with one hand and not both.

You should never touch your card when dealt face up. Because there is no reason for them to pick up the cards. More so, do not touch them when you want to hit or split your cards. Touching your cards is against the Blackjack rule. This rule is designed to avoid players from tampering or switching their cards.

casino blackjack etiquette
Casino Blackjack Etiquette: Don’t hold your cards with two hands.

Casino Blackjack Etiquette #7. Don’t Put Your Items on the Blackjack Table.

Most casinos do not allow anything else on the Blackjack table except chips. Some casinos may allow cigarettes or lighter but keys, phones, or nothing else are allowed.

Casino Etiquette #8. Don’t Blow Your Cigarette Smoke Towards the Dealer or Players.

If you must smoke while playing, blow the smoke up into the air. Be considerate enough to other people especially the dealers. Still, they are stuck at the table for 2 hours or more.

Although, they are used to the smoking environment, still, they don’t like to be breath blown on their face. In addition, it is rude to blow smoke at a person.

Blackjack Table Etiquette #9: Don’t Take Chips Away From the Blackjack Table.

If you are done playing and still have remaining chips, tell the dealer you are done playing. Then, slide your chips towards him/her. The dealer will convert your remaining chips into a larger one. By doing so, helps the dealer to not lose so many chips off their table. Likewise, it will also help you carry your chips to the cashier’s cage conveniently.

Blackjack Table Etiquette #10. Don’t Tell Someone How They Should Have Played.

Unless someone asks for your help, do not get involved while others are playing. Respect how they play their cards. After all, this is all their money. Even though others are doing silly things but that is perfectly ok. Just concentrate on your own hands and do not worry about them. To simply put, you should mind your own business.

casino blackjack etiquette
Do not give unsolicited advice to other Blackjack players.

Before Starting to Play Blackjack, Do Get a Players Card.

Getting a player’s card has many benefits. Aside from it helps the casino tracking your play, you can also earn food and drink comps with it. Plus, you can also get invites to special events and promotions from the casino. Moreover, you might even receive free spins and free play coupons. Do you want to increase your chance of winning at blackjack? Then, you can take advantage of the casino promotions offered by trusted online casino Singapore.

Casino Blackjack Etiquette FAQs:

When should I surrender in Blackjack?

Although surrendering never feels great, still, there are times that you need to. It is best to surrender if you have a hard 16 and the dealers have an upcard of A, 9, or 10. Also, you should surrender when you have a hard 15 and the dealer has 10. Continuing to play while having this card is useless.

How to receive Blackjack advice while playing?

Although soliciting advice is not encourage, you should still respect the other players. If you receive advice, do not let pride cause disagreement in this matter. You can hear them out, at least at the beginning. You can consider their tips or politely tell them to stop.

Can I talk while playing at a blackjack table?

Yes, you can still talk however keep the proper casino Blackjack etiquette as well. Some players would like to talk while others do not. So be mindful with your actions.

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