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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
types of slots

A Definitive Guide to Different Types of Slots

Online slots are one of the most favorite games played by Singapore casino players. Aside from it is so much easy to learn, you have many opportunities to win big. So, it is no surprise that there are different types of slots that you can play online at top online betting sites in Singapore.

Online slot machines

When it comes to a slot machine, online live casino Singapore operators offer more diversified options than land-based casinos. Moreover, each slot game offers unique features like:

  • Regular and special slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Paytable
  • Scatter
  • Wilds
What are the different types of online slot machines?
What are the different types of online slot machines?

Some slot machines give you a chance to win the life-changing progressive jackpots. While other slot games offer a variety of multiplier and bonus spins. Additionally, the fantastic animations, graphics, themes, and sound effects add entertainment value to this Singapore online casino game.

More importantly, online slot machines offer greater convenience to its player. So, do not ever underestimate these easy-to-play gambling games. In addition, there are different types of slots that you can enjoy playing.

Different types of online slot machines

Among the types of slots games, here are the four most prominent ones:

  • Classic online slot machines
  • Video online slot machines
  • Mega online slot machines
  • Progressive online slot machines

Types of Slots: Classic Slots

Do you want to play simple? If so, then classic slots are best recommended for you to try. These type of slot games comes closest to the original slot machines that were first used in land-based casinos.

These Classic slot machines have three reels. Oftentimes, it features only one horizontal payline. However, the 3-reel classic slots that you will find usually features 3, 5, or more paylines.

Popular Classic Types of Online Slot Machine

  • Break Da Bank – features 3-reels with 5-paylines
  • Chinese Kitchen – features 3-reels with 8-paylines
  • Wizard of Oz – features 3-reels with 9-paylines

Normally, these classic slot machines feature slot symbols like cherries, oranges, lemons. In addition, other symbols may include lucky sevens, bells, or bars.

Notably, these slot machines lack in terms of extra features that you will find on modern slots. Furthermore, it offers a limited number of betting options wherein the betting range is restricted to 2-3 coin values only. However, some 3-reel slots might feature wild and scatter as well as bonus game rounds.

Types of Slots: Fruit Slot Machines

Although this type of slots can be categorized as classic, they are often singled out as a separate category. In Fruit machines, you only need to collect a winning combo on a single payline. Therefore, these types of slots are perfect for a complete beginner.

5-Reel Slot Machines a.k.a. Video Slots

These types of slots are a more elaborate form of online slot games. Instead of having just one payline, you can get to activate up to 100 paylines. So, you have more chance of hitting more winning combos. Therefore, you have a greater chance to win every time you spin the reel.

Moreover, video slots are the most popular types of online slots in Singapore. There are different types of video slots that offer impressive graphics and cinematic sound.

The paytable of this kind is more detailed because of their extra reels and multiple paylines. Usually, you can view the paytable of these games on a separate screen. Furthermore, 5-reel slots include special features like Wilds and Scatter symbols.

It is important to note that betting on 5-reel slots becomes more complex. It is because you are betting on each payline.

Types of Slots: Multi-Payline Slots

What are the multi-payline slots?
What are the multi-payline slots?

These types of slots often feature more than 3-reels. Multi-payline slots offer greater entertainment value than classic slots. However, they are a little more complicated to understand. So, inexperienced players often get slightly confused.

As the name suggests, multi-payline slots usually feature paylines that range between 9 and 100. On top of that, the paylines are not only horizontal but they can also be:

  • Vertical
  • Zigzag
  • V-shaped

Also, it is possible for you simultaneously form more than one winning combination. Multi-paylines slot features different slot symbols that are typically related to the theme or story of the machine.

Furthermore, these type of slot machines offers several betting options. So, you choose how many paylines you want to activate. Usually, the minimum bet that you can place is only $0.01 per active line. While the maximum bet rarely exceeds $1.00 per active line.

Above all, these types of online slot machines are suitable for daring and risk-taker player.

Types of Slots: Play online slots in Singapore

Are you on a tighter budget?

Well, we recommended that you spread your money overall available paylines. Aside from it add some extra excitement, it also increased your chance to hit a winning combo.

3D Slots

These are one of the newest forms of slot machines that you can play online. 3D slots are the same as video slots. The only difference is that there are 3D animated figures that you can interact with during the game.

Aside from that, 3D slots offer different storylines and settings. So you’ll experience a more narrative feel while playing 3D slots in Singapore. Also, the symbols are reels of 3D slot machines animates in some way which brings a whole new dimension to your experience.

You can take advantage of the multipliers, free spins wild and scatter symbols offered by 3D slots. On top of that, 3D slot machines are cross-compatible. It means that you can play the game on both mobile devices and desktops without any trouble.

What are the 3D slot machines?
What are the 3D slot machines?

However, playing 3D slot machines online needs a stable internet connection for you to enjoy the game to the fullest. Also, these types of online slot machines have more complex storylines. Besides, you need to unlock different levels for you to progress through the story.

Slots with Mini Games – i-Slots

These are types of slots online that are known for their bonus and free spins features. Aside from playing the usual reel slots, you can play the mini-games offered by i-Slots. Once you trigger the bonus stage, a mini-game will appear on the screen wherein you have a chance to multiply your winnings.

i-Slots or interactive slots allow you to play miniature games like golf in the bonus round. We all know that playing slots do not need skills. However, in i-slots mini-games, skills are necessary for you to increase your chance to earn greater profits.

Types of Slots Online: Progressive Slots

Do you want to win the life-changing jackpot offered by slot machines?

Then, you should try your luck with progressive slots. The main highlight of these types of slots is the jackpot. Every time you played the game, your stakes contribute to the jackpot. Therefore, the progressive jackpot of the slot machines increases in real-time as you spin the reels.

Notably, these slot games are linked to each other. Therefore, the more players spin the reels, then the higher the amount of jackpot will be. Notably, once the jackpot has been hit, the jackpot price will go up too.

Mega spin slot machines online

Do you love multitasking? Mega spin slots are the definition of the next level of gaming. Here, you can play 3 to 9 slot games simultaneously. First, you need to choose the games you want to play. Then, place your bet and spin the reels. In mega spin slots, you can spin up to 45 reels all at the same time.

Different types of online slot machines jackpots

Types of Slots: Standalone Progressive Jackpot

These are types of the progressive jackpot that can be won on a single slot machine only. Therefore, the accumulation of the jackpot prize is much slower. Still, you can win a large sum if you manage to hit the winning combination.

Proprietary Progressive Jackpot

Another kind of progressive jackpot, that is shared inside a single casino. Even though the jackpot is higher, do not expect to hit a multi-million jackpot with these kinds.

What is a proprietary progressive jackpot?
What is a proprietary progressive jackpot?

Types of Slots Online: Network jackpot

These types of online slot machines jackpots are the ones you should look out for. The progressive jackpot of this kind is cosmic. However, the odds of hitting the jackpot are pretty much low.

Fixed jackpot

As the name suggests, the jackpot is fixed and does not change. The best online casino Singapore sets the amount of the jackpot. Also, the playing time, the number of players, or the round size do not impact the amount of jackpot that you can win. However, slot machines that offer fixed jackpots are less popular than progressive ones. Still, many people play these slot games.

Types of Slots FAQs:

What are the popular features of slot machines?

All the types of slots offer distinct features that set them apart from one another. These include free spins, sliding symbols, wild multipliers, and rewarding bonus rounds.

What are free slot machines?

These are online slots in Singapore that you can play without wagering any money. You can play the free demo version of the slot machine. So, you can try the game for free. In addition, you can use the free spins given by the online casino Singapore. It means that you can spin the reel free and you can win real money.

Can you win real cash on free slots?

Yes. You can use the free spins offered by Singapore online casinos. However, you need to read the wagering requirements of these casino bonuses that you received. Most of the time there are conditions that you need to fulfill first before you can withdraw your winnings.

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