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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
blackjack tactics

7 Blackjack Tactics That Actually Don’t Works

It’s simple to discover articles full of tips on how to play blackjack and how to lower the house edge and odds. However, there aren’t nearly as many pages outlining what not to do. This is where we want to remedy this oversight. In this article, we listed some Blackjack tactics to avoid when playing 21 at Live casinos in Singapore.

Basic Blackjack Betting Strategy

If you are a complete beginner and just started exploring ways to increase your success at the Blackjack table, there are many proposed Blackjack strategies. However, only one method works – the basic Blackjack strategy. Here, you are utilizing the optimal play based on each hand’s comparison of your cards to the dealer’s up card. Furthermore, you can find Blackjack strategy cards at casino gift shops and online.

In this Blackjack cheat sheet, you can see each possible hand that you can have together with the 13 dealer-up cards. What you need to do is find your hand and the dealer’s up card. Then, make a decision based on where the column and row intersect. In addition, a Blackjack trainer can help you hone your betting skills.

Any other Blackjack tactics will outperform the basic strategy. Only if you learn how to count cards will this be an exception. In addition, card counters use the basic Blackjack tactics to win the game.

As we said, we put together a list of unworthy Blackjack tactics and how it works. We also emphasize why it is not a good idea to use them.

Always remember that fundamental strategy and card counting are the only methods you should ever consider adopting as you learn more about Blackjack. Nothing else decreases the house edge as much as possible, as computer simulations have mathematically demonstrated.

Blackjack Betting Strategy That Doesn’t Work

  1. Mimic the Dealer

In this Blackjack tactic, you draw another card if your total is 16 or less. On the other hand, you can stand if it is 18 or more. A soft 17 is the only hand in question. Depending on the house rules, some dealers will strike on a soft 17 and others will stand.

How to always win using Blackjack tactics?

It may appear that imitating the dealer is a good idea since the best online casino in Singapore has an advantage. Because of this, the dealer must be playing in such a way that the casino maintains its advantage.

In blackjack, the house edge is largely established by the players being obliged to act before the dealer. Therefore when they bust, they lose regardless of what occurs with the dealer’s hand. In some circumstances, the method the dealer pays her hand is not the best option.

blackjack tactics
Can you win big using the advanced Blackjack tactics?

However, the dealer’s strategy is simple and gives the top online casino in Singapore an advantage. It’s preferable for the players if the dealer stands on a soft 17. Therefore if you’re going to mimic the dealer, hit on a soft 17.

However, playing like the dealer isn’t always the greatest Blackjack tactic. To keep the house edge as low as possible, find and employ a simple strategy card when playing blackjack.

If you imitate the dealer, you give the house a 5 to 6 percent advantage. Still, this depends on the house regulations. When you employ the appropriate fundamental strategy, this is about 10 times the house edge. Also, you may play with a half-percent house edge with solid regulations. Besides, most Blackjack games have a house edge of less than 1% when using the optimal strategy.

Blackjack Tactics: How to win at Blackjack?

Using a strategy chart or card is just as simple as imitating the dealer. In addition, it considers your hand as well as the dealer’s card to assist you to make the optimal play based on arithmetic, probability, and statistics.

  1. No bust Blackjack Strategy (Never Bust)

In this Blackjack strategy, you should always hit with a total of 11 or less. Moreover, you should never be hit with a total of 12 or more, based on the never-bust method. In this way, you will surely never go bust in Blackjack.

Depending on the table regulations, the house edge while using a never-bust strategy is roughly 4%. As you learned in the previous part, you may play with a house edge of approximately 5% using the right Blackjack strategy. Therefore, this never-bust method is around eight times worse than the basic Blackjack strategy.

It’s usually annoying or aggravating to bust just to have the dealer bust later in the hand, but the math shows that this never-bust approach is horrible.

blackjack tactics
How Never Bust betting method works?

Here’s a basic example of why never bursting is so expensive.

Let’s say the dealer’s upcard is an Ace and you have 12. The dealer has a high chance of forming 17 to 21 from any of his down cards of six or more. The only way you can win if you stand is if the dealer busts. When the dealer has a soft 17 on the table, they may defeat you by drawing any card from six to king.

Only five cards, an ace, two, three, four, or five, require the dealer to hit again, putting him at risk of busting. Furthermore, they won’t normally bust if they have an Ace down.

To give yourself the best opportunity to win, use the basic strategy instead of any of the other blackjack tactics provided on this page.

  1. Blackjack Tactics: Martingale System

This tactic is probably one of the most utilized advanced bettings in Blackjack. Although various systems go by different names, the majority of betting system uses Martingale.

In Martingale’s strategy, you are doubling your bets after each loss. When you win, you win enough to cover all of your previous losses as well as earn a profit equal to your initial bet.

The Martingale can be used in any game with even money bets, such as:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

This betting system is named after John Henry Martingale. He ran a gambling establishment in Europe in the 1700s. However, it is not clear when and who created this betting method has been in use before this period. Despite that, John Henry Martingale pushed his customers to use it. Since then, his name has been associated with this betting system.

Blackjack Tactics: How does the Martingale betting system work?

Let’s say your initial bet is $20. You stake $20 again if you win, otherwise, you need to double your initial bet. It means, if you lose your initial stake, you will bet $40 on the next hand.

When you win a hand, you stake the same amount on the next hand, which is $20. If you lose, you must bet twice your previous bet on the next hand.

As a result, if you lose the first two hands, you will risk $80 on the third. In case you lose again on the third hand, you’ll have to wager $160 on the following hand. This process repeats itself until:

  • You win a hand
  • Run out of money
  • Reaches the maximum bet allowed on the table

Even if you have a large enough bankroll to survive 10 consecutive losses, you won’t find a Singapore online casino with a betting spread this large.

After any win, the Martingale strategy is meant to offer you a profit equal to your initial wager. As a result, you’re betting $2,560, $5,120, or even more to win $20 in the end. This is a poor idea in every sense of the word.

Why Martingale betting tactic is not worth it?

The fact is that the Martingale approach may be used to win tiny amounts of money repeatedly. You may be able to utilize it hundreds of times in a row to get tiny gains. However, you will ultimately hit a Blackjack lose streak and lose all of your money.

It is important to set a strict loss limit and quit playing when you reach it if you can’t stop yourself from attempting. The Martingale technique is a classic chasing your losses strategy that you should avoid at all costs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your bankroll must be two times the value of your highest stake. You’re betting enough to cover all of your past losses. Therefore, if you’re betting $1,280 on the sequence in the example, you’ve already lost $1,260 on the previous hands.

If your whole bankroll is $1,000, you should establish a loss limit of $320 and quit playing if you lose. This is a total loss of $620 after five consecutive defeats.

You may not believe that losing five hands in a row is likely, but keep note of how often it occurs. You’d be shocked how often you’ll lose five or more hands in a row.

Why progressive betting in Blackjack is a waste of time?

The issue with gambling games, such as blackjack, is that one hand is mostly independent of the others. Unlike in Roulette, where each spin is completely independent of the others, giving you the same opportunity to win and odds on each one.

Because cards have been taken from the deck, each hand in Blackjack is slightly influenced by the previous hand. This is why a card counting strategy in Blackjack is possible. However, the consequences of earlier card removal are so minor in the Martingale system that it cannot generate a circumstance where the system may be used.

When playing Blackjack, you generally have the same probability of winning every hand. Therefore, the Martingale or any other technique won’t help you win. It may appear to work for a short while, but it’s no different from betting the same amount on every hand in the end.

Then again, the house edge is constant. So, a strategy like this just raises the average amount of each wager.

When playing Blackjack, avoid employing any betting systems and instead stick to the basic Blackjack tactics.

  1. Negative Progression Blackjack Tactics

You adjust your bets after a loss when you utilize a negative progression betting method. The Martingale method, which you just heard about, is the most well-known negative progression strategy.

However, there are several more types of negative progression systems. They all share the similar characteristics of pursuing losses. In negative progression, you are hoping of securing a tiny win while risking a massive loss that wipes out your whole bankroll.

Furthermore, you are raising your bets by half of your previous wager. It can be one and a half times or even more than twice your prior bet.

Fibonacci betting strategy is a great example of negative progression. In the Fibonacci sequence, it begins with 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on.

To acquire the next number in the series, add the previous two numbers together. This indicates that the sequence will go on indefinitely.

Blackjack Tactics: Why negative progression is not worth it?

Hopefully, you can understand why utilizing the Fibonacci sequence is problematic. You swiftly reach a point when the Singapore online casino refuses to accept higher wagers, and you run out of cash. If you start with a small bet of $10, you’ll soon find yourself wagering 13 or 21 times your initial bet or more.

The second issue with the Fibonacci system is that you’re chasing losses and not winning enough to make a profit when you win a hand. Because you’re not completely doubling your bets unlike in the Martingale strategy. Truth is, this is one of the worst gaming system concepts according to some experts.

blackjack tactics
Why Blackjack progressive betting system is not worth it?

To try to circumvent this difficulty, some advantage player uses a variant on combining a straight Fibonacci sequence with a negative progression approach.

In this Blackjack tactic, you are raising your bets after losing. But after a victory, you drop back two numbers on the progression rather than to your base bet.

Then, as soon as you achieve a profit for the series, you go back to your initial stake.

This may appear difficult at first, but with experience, it becomes rather simple. However, in the long term, it is no better than flat betting.

Like any other negative progression strategy, you still stand a possibility of losing a large bet. Besides, you can’t beat Blackjack using this progressive betting Blackjack.

  1. Blackjack Tactics: Positive Progression Betting System

After you win, you adjust your bets in a positive progression betting strategy. Here, your goal is to earn from a winning run while lowering your chances of losing a large sum of money.

Here’s an example of a Basic Blackjack method using a positive progression.

First, you start by placing a $20 initial bet. Then, you always go back to your base stake of $20 after a loss.

When you win, you have the option of doubling your wager or letting it ride for the following hand. On the other hand, if you win a hand with an initial bet of $20, you will bet $40 on the next hand. If you win the second hand in a row, your stake will drop back to $20.

You win $60 if you win two hands in a row.

Instead of stopping after two consecutive wins, you might aim for three consecutive wins. On a winning run, if you employ a three-win-in-a-row strategy, you will earn $100.

Before you begin playing, you must first decide on the system and your target number of wins.

There are a variety of positive progression methods available, some of which are meant to lock in a portion of any wins as you remain on a winning streak.

  1. Always Take Insurance – Blackjack Betting Method

This Blackjack tactic is the complete opposite of the correct strategy. Like we always said in our previous article, never take the insurance bet, even when you have a good hand.

When the dealer holds an Ace, most players don’t take insurance. Still, many place insurance bet when they have a powerful hand. But there’s a compelling reason why you shouldn’t take insurance with any hand, and it’s backed up by simple arithmetic.

The online casino in Singapore has done a fantastic job of making the insurance bet appear to be a good bargain and related to your original wager. However, neither of these statements is correct.

blackjack tactics
Why you should never take the insurance bet?

In an insurance bet, you are betting on whether the dealer’s down card will be a 10 or a face card. When you place an insurance bet, you need to lay a second bet equal to half of your initial bet. If you win, you’ll receive a payout of 2:1 on the second bet.

On the other hand, you lose your second stake and the insurance bet if the dealer’s down card is not worth 10. In addition, you must play out your previous hand normally.

When the dealer’s down card is valued at 10, it appears that you have broken even. Your initial wager is lost, but you win the insurance bet.

To break even on the insurance wager, the winning odds would have to be two to one. Instead of nine to four, the corresponding odds would be eight to four.

You boost the home edge by taking insurance when it is given. This is why you should avoid it at all costs.

  1. Blackjack Betting Strategy: Double Down on 9, 10, and 11

When playing blackjack, one way to lessen the house edge is to wager more when you have a higher probability of winning than the dealer. However, this doesn’t happen very often. On rare occasions when you can double down or split a pair, you can double your stake.

When you have a total of nine, ten, or eleven, it’s usually better to double down rather than take another card. If you choose to double down, you need to double the amount of your bet and receive an additional card, too.

Many gamers go overboard and double down on any nine, ten, or eleven. While you should double down on the majority of these hands, hitting rather than double down on a handful of them is more rewarding. Also get to know more about different Singapore betting sites.

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